Mountain Thoughts: On Turning 40

Growing up, I had a lot of ideas about what it would be like to be 40 years old. My parents were 40; my friend’s parents were 40; and they were all so old. They had jobs, kids, a house, and did boring adult stuff. They had grey hair, were balding and overweight, and fell asleep in front of the TV. From a kids perspective, life looked like it was pretty much over by 40.

I haven’t really given much thought to the number 40 since childhood. It was just a number, and it was a lifetime or two in the future. I went along, engaged in life as a teenager, 20-something college kid, and 30-something dad and career guy. Then, in the blink of an eye, I’m turning 40.

I have a wife, three  kids, a house, a job, and grey hair in my beard. I’m entering a new chapter in life, but one thing’s certain: it’s far from over.

Mike skydives with his wife Holly

This video is a celebration of my first 40 years. On my 40th birthday, I had the opportunity to do all the activities I love, with the woman I love, and ended the day with the most important people in my life. May your next 40 years be as awesome and fulfilling as the first.

Mike Semanoff is a professional skydiver/paraglider, publicist, editor, veteran, husband and father of three.

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