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Sail Your Soul: Tips for the Best Sailing Holidays

Last updated: 05/30/2018

Sail Your Soul: Tips For The Best Sailing Holidays

A long time ago, human managed to tame the wildest element of nature, the wind. People used sailing ships as a means of transport, but today it is the most adventurous sport. If you are a water enthusiast, sailing is the sport that will definitely meet your desires!

We love sailing and that's the reason why we decided to introduce this beautiful sport to you and give you some tips that could improve your tour. Since you are reading our article, you probably spend a lot of time in the outdoors. If you combine our tips, good mood and appropriate clothing, we promise that nothing will go wrong.

Are you ready to become the master of the wind?

Sailing: The adventurous Side of Travelling

First of all, this sport involves sailing a vessel which has sails by using only wind power. Sailing is considered to be one of the best sports as it combines both the human and natural elements. The sailboat has not only sails but also motors.

A typical sailboat consists of a headsail and mainsail. Of course there are several boat types that depend on some factors like hull, keel or mast.

Hull: Boats with one hull are called monohull and those with two hulls are called catamaran. However, the monohull vessel is the most common boat type. The number of hulls affects stability and speed.

Keel (Carina): The lateral surfaces (one or multiple) are called keels. The keel holds the ballast and improves the stability of the vessel. As a matter of fact they come in different sizes and shapes.

Full length and fin keels are used for traditional sailboats. Modern vessels have wing keels which has two wings. This keel does not increase draft and gives you the opportunity to approach shallow waters.

Equally important is the daggerboard keel, but manufacturers use it only for catamarans.

Mast: There are three mast types, the genoa, spinnaker and jib. The characteristic that differentiates the mast is the headsail.

Why is sailing incredible? 3 Reasons

  1. With a sailboat you can visit even the most unapproachable places in one trip.
  2. Boosts physical and mental health
  3. Teamwork
Sailing Tips: Learn How to Master the Wind

We would like to present some handy tips which will definitely help you. You have to follow these guidelines whether you are a newbie or experienced sailing enthusiast! Yes, the great outdoors are incredible, but you will have to take some things into consideration.

We searched the net, gathered useful information and asked some of the best skippers and these are the results.

Sailing Tip #1: Points of Sale

This term refers to the angle of the vessel and this is the first thing you should take into consideration. Please take a look at the picture where you can see some basic points.

Close hauled: While you are sailing close hauled, your sails must be pulled in.
Beam Reach: This point increases the speed of the sailboat
Broad Reach: The wind blows from behind and it is considered to be the safest point of sale.
Wing on Wing: You are sailing downwind and use both sails. This is the slowest way

Sailing Tip #2: Plan and Organize your Sailing Trip

Undoubtedly, it is important to plan your trip. Before you head out on a weekend or week, you should plan your route. It would be a good idea to use some applications which will calculate the route and show you some details about the weather.

Finding harbors and marinas is an essential part of the trip as they are the only places where you can get supplies.

Sailing Tip #3: Check the Sailboat

Before you are heading out, you should check the boat thorougly. Safety is the most important part of the trip. Your sailboat should have:

  • communication equipment
  • sealing systems
  • navigation lights
  • more than one anchor
  • Ropes in a good condition
  • First aid kits
  • An extra fuel container

These are some things that the boat should have and you should check the vessel for leaks. Good skipper=safe skipper

You will have to pay particular attention to the sailboat because if any issue occurs, it will definitely ruin your trip. Equally important is the oil check.

Sailing Tip 4#: What to pack and clothing

If you are done with the pre-sail check-control you should prepare a packing list. Sailboats do not have ample space. These are the most important things that you should include.

You can pack a mini-size shampoo or a solid bar for your hair. Moreover, a second pair of shoes is always helpful. Bring your shoes and a pair of flip flops. If you want to charge your mobile phone, a portable power bank is exactly what you need.

Generally speaking you will have to organize your personal items perfectly. However, there is no problem if you forget something. Harbors and marines are usually close to local shops where you can buy whatever you need.

During the trip, your skin will be exposed to the sun and you should protect it from the scorching sun rays. Your clothes should be able to protect you from the harmful sunbeams and these are some recommendations from our estore.

At KUHL we love sailing, and due to our passion we create and design special clothing for all outdoor pursuits.

P.S: Do not forget to pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses.


Combine the Shadow T T-shirt with the Mutiny Shorts. The material provides UPF 50 protection from the harmful sun rays and of course maximum comfort. As far as the shorts are concerned, you will never regret that you bought them.

People are really satisfied with the excellent fabric which is able to withstand saltwater and other harsh elements of nature. To our way of thinking, the outstanding feature is that they dry really fast!

Undoubtedly, a hat is a must. Our Thrive hat will be your best buddy.


The beautiful SORA tank top is exactly what you need. It is made of 96% spun polyester and 4% spandex. 30 UPF sun protection, easy to wear and great twist at back. Well, you are out there on the water and you must handle the vessel.

A pair of comfortable shorts should definitely be in your luggage. Try the SPLASH 5.5 which protect you from the sun, have five pockets and give you performance with style.

The breathable KATIE cap is also a must.

Sail Your Soul: Explore the World with Kuhl

Finally, this unique sensation of being on the water cannot be described with a few words. The sound of the water, the peaceful wind that touches your skin, and good company are the basic reasons why sailing is the best sport ever.

If you like challenges, adventure, teamwork and freedom, you should definitely take to this beautiful activity. You will not regret it and it will make you understand your personal powers and skills.

Thank you for reading

Stavros Alexiou

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