Apparel is Art

Mountain Thoughts
December 9, 2016

In nature we are drawn by instinct to landscapes of exceptional beauty. As a filmmaker and fine art photographer I’ve spent decades on an endless quest for that which exudes exceptional beauty and quality. In KÜHL I’ve found the perfect men’s outdoor apparel compliment to my countless days trekking in the wilds.

In this video I share my thoughts on why I feel KÜHL has bridged the chasm between form (art) and function.

When we surround ourselves with art and quality of build we allow truly powerful and positive energy to propel us towards accomplishments of the spirit. This is why I continue to share and support rare companies such as KÜHL.

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Experience the year-round performance with the innovative KÜHL men’s convertible pants, built to take on any outdoor challenge. Featuring our patented Stealth zip-off system, the pant quickly and effortlessly turns to shorts, so you can stay on the move when the weather changes.

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