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KÜHL ARKTIK Jacket Product Review

When you live in the South, you don’t have a lot of reason to purchase a "real" winter coat. There are plenty of cold days each winter, but if you’re cheap like me, you just make do by piling on every layer and ill-suited light jacket that you have until the chilly temps pass. But when my husband and I planned a winter trip to Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia, I knew I wouldn’t get away with my pathetic attempt at women's winter gear. Enter the KÜHL Women's ARKTIK Jacket.

KUHL Ambassador Nicole with a KUHL man standing next to a historical landmark in Vienna.
Danielle and AJ, Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

I purchased the Arktik Jacket because KÜHL's website says: "Perfect for arctic conditions and activities. Take the Arktik Series on your next Alaskan adventure, Antarctic expedition, or wherever winter leads you."

Knowing that I wouldn't be going to Alaska or Antarctica for this particular adventure, I figured it would be more than adequate for the job.

There’s a huge difference between throwing on a winter coat to run between your car and your office and walking around all day outdoors in the freezing cold, as my husband and I discovered. We started our time in Bratislava with a free walking tour of the city that lasted until after dark (about 4:30 pm, if you’re wondering), and at each stop, we felt our hands and feet getting progressively colder. While I didn’t prepare well for my extremities, my core was nice and warm thanks to my Arktik!

KUHL Ambassador Nicole with a KUHL man standing in a winter decorated street in Budapest
Warm and cozy in ARKTIK Jacket at Christmas Market in Budapest

It was important to me to get a jacket that was water-resistant in case of snow or rain, since either of those was a strong possibility during our trip. I’m happy to report that not only is the Arktik water-resistant, it’s also red wine-resistant, as I learned after not one, but two people spilled red wine on me during a pub crawl tour we did in Budapest. Even with the light colored fabric on my jacket, the stains came out quickly and easily, and it’s none the worse for the wear. My liver, however, might not be.

KUHL Ambassador Nicole and a group of friends sit around a table, glasses raised.
A Budapest pub crawl was no match for the Arktik Jacket

One of the best things about the Arktik Jacket was the hood, which has a faux-fur brim with flexible wire that helps it stay put when you pull it up. That definitely came in handy during the windy days! When I paired the Arktik Jacket with my Skata Hoody, the combination was unstoppable – I was never cold. The only bad thing about the Arktik Jacket is that KÜHL does not yet offer it as a full-body ensemble.

As a final bonus, the Arktik Jacket also has huge pockets that came in very handy during our sightseeing trips. I stored my bulky gloves, large wristlet/wallet, cell phone, and more in my pockets without worrying about anything falling out – and I still had room left for my hands!

KUHL Ambassador Nicole and standing in a park next to a statue.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the style of the jacket as well. In addition to all its function, the Arktik Jacket is a genuinely nice-looking coat. I got a lot of compliments on it and never felt underdressed anywhere I went, as can sometimes be a problem with outdoor gear. I loved the way the dark brown accents played off the natural color of the coat, and especially the way the jacket popped against colorful backgrounds.

Although I was none too thrilled about finally growing up and getting a "real" winter coat, I’m so glad I picked the Arktik Jacket as my first one. Not even the brutal winters of Central and Eastern Europe could stop me from exploring.

The KÜHL ARKTIK is a women's jacket I’ll have for years – and adventures – to come. The Arktik Jacket retails at $279; it's also available as a down vest for layering and down parka for full coverage.

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Danielle Cemprola