Danielle Caruso

Seek New Adventures - Bike Packing

Danielle is a South Florida native that is living, riding and building her community in Bend, Oregon. After breaking her back in Thailand in 2015, Danielle's life course shifted from pursuing hours in corporate America to logging dirt, gravel and road miles on her bike. Danielle is an active Board Member for Central Oregon Trail Alliance, a dedicated yogi, film photographer and lover of the land. Her desire to empower others around her to meet their own potential brings her great joy and willingness to serve her community.

Seek New Adventures Bike Packing FI

Seek New Adventures - Bike Packing

Long roads, open landscapes, no traffic and fresh air are some of the cherished qualities of riding on gravel roads and packing up your bike for an overnight adventure. Bike packing is a way to travel deep into the backcountry to disco

Pumpkin Vibes From Harvest to Table to Compost FI

Pumpkin Vibes - From Harvest to Table to Compost

As the breath of autumn chills the shortened days, giddy nostalgia of pumpkins, cider, fall foraging, crisp evenings, and color-filled landscapes reminds us that summer has concluded. Fall's enchanting, cool whispers allow us to pull o

A man looking at a map before going on an whiterafting adventure in KUHL clothing for rafting

Seek New Adventures - Whitewater Rafting

While some consider whitewater rafting an extreme sport, others see it as a meditative journey. The disconnect from the ordinary world and complete immersion in the sights, sounds and smells of the river is an expansive sensory experie

Hood River Kuhl 4

KÜHL Weekend Getaways - Hood River

The allure of this charming, lush town on the banks of the weaving Columbia River Gorge is hard to deny. Hood River, a thirty minute scenic drive away from the heart of Portland, is an easy “yes” in our books. On windy days, kite b

Trail Building for mountain biking mtb in KUHL clothing shirts and pants for men

The Art of the Build: Hero's Dirt

No matter the locale, mountain bikers are chasing hero dirt throughout the spring and summer seasons. “Hero dirt,” a term coined by the biking community to describe moist, sticky soil, is the result of snow melt or a healthy downpo

excavator setting up a trail to be built

The Art of the Build: Part II With Kyle Jameson

“As a trail builder, I am able to paint the trail behind me and leave no destructive remnants of what happened in the process. I try my hardest to leave no trace of ruin and contribute to the beautification of the area after I fi

working gloves on a biking trail map

The Art of The Build

An inside peek at the lifecycle of trail building featuring Emmy Andrews, Executive Director of Central Oregon Trail Alliance. All photos by Javan Ward,