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A Dog-Friendly Guide to Montana’s Bitterroot Valley

Sitka Tummy Warmer Baker Lake

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Montana's Bitterroot Valley

When my brother got married in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, I jumped on the opportunity to spend some time after the ceremony in the region to explore the trails. Located between the Idaho and Montana borders, the Bitterroots are par

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6 Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Fall 2020

If you ask me, summer's overrated. I live for that sweet spot between the first autumn frost and the last falling leaf when it feels like I have the world to myself—even if there are fewer daylight hours to explore it.

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An In-Depth Beginner Guide To Boating (Tips, Tricks, Clothing)

If you are a first-time boat owner, considering buying a boat, or even renting one for a weekend getaway or family vacation, you know that boating can be an incredibly fun and relaxing experience.

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Hiking For Beginners: How To Prepare For Your First Hike

Spending time in nature is proven to have a variety of health benefits, yet we, as future hiking beginners, often stick

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Happy Tails: Hiking and Gear Tips for Your Adventurous Dog

What does it take to turn a city dog into a trail-hardened hound?  You already know that well-made, ac

Jill Colorado Ride

Carpe Diem: 7 Outstanding Mountain Biking Trails You'll Love This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, many of us are clamoring to get out of the house and enjoy some sweet summer air. However, due to social distancing guidelines in effect, the annual beach vacation may not be the best summer vacation o

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5 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat When Working Outdoors

Summer is here and we're all about getting outdoors and having fun! If you're a nature enthusiast who happens to like the warm season, you see every hot day as a new opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities - from hiking and road-trippi


The New Yosemite Experience

From dawn to dusk and every hour moment between, Yosemite National Park is magnificent and stunning.

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A Guide to Nature Photography Clothing & Personal Gear

I've been a North American nature photographer for years. I've stalked musk oxen, arctic fox, and caribou in Nunavut; wolves, and marten in Montana; and migrating birds along the Texas/Mexican border. I've visited other top wildlife ph