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15 Adventurous Things to Do in New Hampshire

Emily is an avid traveler and has been all around the world from Alaska and Iceland to Peru and Bali. Her home base is Nashville, TN and when not traveling you can find her hiking, practicing yoga or cooking/baking!

blue, brown and white house on the lake with yellow and brown trees in the background

15 Adventurous Things to Do in New Hampshire

To explore New Hampshire is to discover a state abound with quaint towns, soaring mountains, and enchanting forests. The Granite State offers some of New England's most pristine and scenic outdoor locations. No matter the season, you

humpback whale over body of water

12 Best Destinations in the U.S. for Whale Watching

The whale is one of the world’s most elusive and sought-after animals. These majestic giants intrigue us for many reasons. It may be because whales are rather similar to us humans. They nurture each other, form friendships, grieve, p

Boston Outdoor Dining Featured Image on KUHL Blog

The Best Outdoor Dining in Boston - 15 Restaurants for Outdoor Lovers

Boston is an impressive city that flaunts its creativity and innovation. The capital of Massachusetts is full of colorful murals, interesting architecture, and out-of-this-world cuisine. Whether you're in search of something salty like

woman riding horse in the river

10 Best National Parks for Trail Riding on Horseback

The United States National Park Service protects some of the most diverse, naturally abundant places in the world. These natural wonders offer vast terrains to explore and put your mind in a state of awe. If you're an outdoor enthusias

white pontoon boat on body of water with yellow trees in background

Ten Beautiful Lakes in the U.S. with Pontoon Boat Rentals

There are some pretty special lakes around the United States, and one of the best ways to enjoy gorgeous scenery in the summer season is by getting out on the water! While some peopl

people riding orange kayak in whitewater

Top 15 Whitewater Rafting Trips to Put on Your Bucket List

We're naturally drawn to water. In nature, water can offer peaceful, awe-inspiring places of respite, as well as powerful, dynamic places to explore and conquer. There's no better way to explore this majestic and sometimes daunting for

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20 Stunning Car Camping Spots for a Perfect Road Trip

There's nothing quite like the great outdoors and breathtakingly scenic views to reset and restore the soul. The U.S. offers an abundance of amazing natural beauty, and one of the best ways to see it is to simply hop in your car and go

An image of an outdoor sauna under construction and how to build it

How to Build an Outdoor Sauna in Your Backyard

There's no better way to soothe sore muscles after a long hike or an exhilarating mountain ski session than with time spent in an outdoor sauna. The use of a sauna, correctly pronounced “sow-nah,” has been a way of life in Finland

tall green trees during daytime

Forest Bathing: What Is It & How Can It Improve Your Health

Connecting with nature has long been rejoiced by writers, poets, and artists worldwide. Forests, in particular, are magical, peaceful places full of wonder. Finding time to wander through the trees can have an amazing effect on both yo

tall blue waterfall surrounded by brown rock formation

15 Awesome Swimming Holes in the U.S. for an Unforgettable Summer Escapade

It’s summertime in America, and it’s hot! There’s no better way to beat the heat than going for a refreshing swim. While a backyard or local public pool is a great option, there's something so exhilarating and adventurous about

boy aiming bow on target while girl with red hat watches

Archery for Kids: Build Skills & Confidence while Having Fun

Table of contents 1 Why Should I Choose Archery for My Kids?