Ivan Slovic

Beginner’s Guide to Packrafting (Basics, Gear, Top Spots)

These legs are made for walking, hiking, cycling, running, and that's exactly what I do. A restless city boy turned outdoor enthusiast.

man in yellow raft on water between brown rock formations

Beginner's Guide to Packrafting (Basics, Gear, Top Spots)

Have you ever wondered how your outdoor adventure would turn out to be if a hiking trail led you to a riverbank and you had a way to paddle downstream, carrying your gear with ease? Well, you're not alone! It's given that some hikers l

A man and a woman enjoying their winter hiking clothing

All You Need To Know About Winter Hiking Clothing

Picture the scenery: the morning sun above a snow-covered mountaintop, a puff of smoke rising from a log cabin hidden by distant snowy canopies, and the whispering wind lazily carries the white rain. The snow crumps with your

A lady wearing sun protective clothing is resting on a rock

What You Should Know About Sun-Protective Outdoor Clothing

Close your eyes and imagine walking in the woods and the soft carpet made from branches and pine needles beneath your feet. You take a deep breath and recognize that familiar woodland smell of the fresh mountain air. The gentle wind sw

Two women and a man hiking down a rocky hill.

4 Clothing Essentials Needed for Desert Hiking

If you are following any outdoor blog, every now and then you can find and read stories with titles like - "Park visitors rescued after hiking unprepared," "Hiker rescued in the desert..."