Award-Winning Photographer and Adventurer Extols Virtues of Merino Wool

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One of nature’s finest performance materials, merino wool delivers superior performance for year-round adventure. Light, breathable, odor resistant, itch-free and easy care, Merino wool is the natural choice for demanding activities.

Award-winning National Geographic photographer, film maker, and adventurer Pete McBride agrees. In a recent National Geographic article with The Woolmark Company, Nature is the Best Engineer, McBride explains the importance of selecting and packing the right gear.

"How we choose to live our lives can have a huge impact on the natural environment around us. Sometimes nature is the best engineer, " McBride said.

A natural material, Merino wool is completely renewable and biodegradable. Merino wool is produced year-round by Australia’s Merino sheep and a simple diet of grass, water, and sunshine. When disposed, Merino wool naturally decomposes in soil.

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Pete McBride mountain biking in his home state Colorado in theKÜHL SKAR ¼ ZIP merino wool sweater.

Benefits of Merino Wool

Merino wool is naturally wicking so it transfers moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry in every season. Unlike synthetic materials, Merino wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in your body temperature. Small, insulating air pockets allow efficient temperature regulation so you stay warm in cold conditions and cool in hot conditions.

Because Merino wool absorbs moisture, less sweat is left on your body. Additionally, the complex structure of wool locks away odor molecules so your merino wool shirts stay fresher longer than cotton or synthetic clothes. Easily cleaned, Merino wool releases odor molecules when washed.

The fibers in Merino wool are extremely fine, allowing them to bend and flex more than traditional wool. Merino wool stretches with you and then returns to its natural shape, all while feeling luxuriously soft next to your skin. Merino wool also boasts excellent drape, so women's merino wool sweaters like the KÜHL SKAR™ 1/4 ZIP effortlessly follow the form of your body for superior fit and style.

Check out Pete's video and interview for more tips on packing like a pro. Available in sweaters, jackets, skirts and pants, KÜHL aslo offers men's merino wool styles to keep you outfitted in sustainable gear year-round.

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