Packrafting camp on the Tokositna River, in Alaska's Denali National Park.

Top 5 Locations in the USA Ideal for Winter Camping

It is that festivity-filled season of the year when the cold sets in and snow flurries begin to hit as the new normal. As much as people enjoy summer camping, such excursions during winter can be fun as well. There are actually numerous camping destinations in

North American Wildlife Viewing Adventures - Featured Image

8 Once-in-a-Lifetime North American Wildlife Viewing Adventures

When we're rocking our favorite outdoor adventure sports, wildlife is a welcome bonus to our outing. For most non-hunting North Americans, "going to see (x animal)" is a phrase we reserve for a trip to the zoo, not the purpose of an expedition. But sometimes

Horst Climbing Indoors

Learn to Climb Indoors so You Can Take it Outdoors

Climbing is unique among adventure sports in that you can engage in the activity both outdoors and indoors. Sure, I suppose you could put on your backpack and hike stairs inside a tall building, and in Japan you can actually go skiing indoors! But in practical

Wilderness Encounters of the Turd Kind - National Parks and Poop

Wilderness Encounters of the Turd Kind

Our wild spaces can't take any more of our crap. During the 2018-19 Federal shutdown, severe staff reductions at our National Parks led to overflowing pit toilets and piles of human waste on the roadsides. When the parks reopened, the cleanup costs kneecapp

How to Survive Until Help Arrives - Hikers overlooking a lake in the distance, wearing KUHL clothing.

Lose the Trail? How to Survive Until Help Arrives

This past spring, I joined some friends to hike on California's Mount Tamalpais. At the trailhead, I caught some grief when I shouldered my da

Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures Featured Image

How to Introduce Your Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures

Smart? Check. Passionate? Check! Kind? Double check. A dog person? Triple check!!! Loves camping and hiking and climbing and trekking? (...chirping crickets...) Okay, look. If anyone is lucky enough to find the first four qualities in a potential partner

Everest 2019 Featured Image

Everest 2019: Low-Altitude Hysteria, High Altitude Reality

You've seen the photo: Everest climbers lined up front-to-back on the knife-sharp ridge before the Hillary Step. You've read the damning and sensational stories from social media and Western mainstream news outlets: It's like Lord of the Flies

20180614-North Carolina-USNWC-paddle

The Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Charlotte with the Whole Family

Gathering around a crackling campfire. Skipping stones across a lake at sunrise. Splashing through a bracing mountain creek. Some of the best childhood memories are created in nature, when family travels take you out

Wine and Adrenaline article, woman carrying grapes in wine country, dressed in KUHL clothing

The Ultimate Pairing: Wine and Adrenaline in West Coast's Wine Country

Put these two phrases together: Wine country and outdoor sports. Are you thinking about that time you sidled up to a Napa tasting bar only to be skunked out by a sunburned, sweaty guy clad shoulders to thighs in damp Spandex? Don't be that person. He