Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures Featured Image

How to Introduce Your Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures

Smart? Check. Passionate? Check! Kind? Double check. A dog person? Triple check!!! Loves camping and hiking and climbing and trekking? (...chirping crickets...) Okay, look. If anyone is lucky enough to find the first four qualities in a potential partner

Airsaig Beach Highlands

An Outdoor Adventure Guide to the Scottish Highlands

Scotland is essentially divided into two regions: the Highlands and the Lowlands. The Lowlands make up the south and southeastern part of the country, and the Highlands comprise the north and northwestern portion. While the whole of the country begs to be expl

The Buzz about the Great American Rail Trail FI

The Buzz about the Great American Rail Trail

Imagine a day when a long-distance cycling trip doesn't involve getting blown off the road speeding tractor trailers. That day's on the horizon. By the time today's toddlers are old enough to drive, they might not need a car for a cross-country adventure, or

BendOregon Mural

A Gravelicious Experience in Bend, Oregon

Majestic snow-topped mountains outline the high-desert skyline to create an outdoor playground in the American Northwest. Bend, Oregon is a warm and inviting mountain getaway where cycling is a way of life. With almost 30 miles of single track, gravel routes a

20180614-North Carolina-USNWC-paddle

The Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Charlotte with the Whole Family

Gathering around a crackling campfire. Skipping stones across a lake at sunrise. Splashing through a bracing mountain creek. Some of the best childhood memories are created in nature, when family travels take you out

Seven Favorite Mountain Bike Trails - KUHL Clothing top downhill trails

Seven of our (Many) Favorite North American Mountain Bike Parks

It didn't seem like long ago when ski resorts balked at allowing snowboarders on their lifts, let alone welcomed mountain bikers during the summer. But in the past two decades, they've certainly caught up. Now, there are dozens of dedi

Chile New Patagonia Park Route FI

Chile's New Patagonian Route of Parks

If you follow the KÜHL blog with any regularity, you probably wolf down other outdoor news sites and podcasts too. You started to hear the hype around October of

Bear Featured Image - American bear in a forest.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part Two

Lowering the risk of bear vs. human conflict There's no fail-safe method for deterring bears, nor is there any guarantee that you will avoid conflict when you're in their environment. But most people who spend time in bear country will encounter a

Bearanoid Featured Image - Bear in a forest next to a water surface.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part One

If you've seen The Revenant, Backcountry, or even Annihilation, perhaps you developed a wee bit of bear paranoia. I personally think that these over-the-top movies elicit a healthier attitude towards bears than, say, Tim Treadwell's cuddly