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Fishing in Colorado Springs: Top Spots for Summer Season

Colorado Springs has made a name for itself as the hiking and fishing capital of Colorado. This is a beautiful, lush, and mountainous location with a great number of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. With all this water comes all manners

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Nature At Its Finest: Five Serene Campsites in Upstate New York

Beyond skyscrapers and suburbs, there’s much more to New York state than its iconic populous city. Every traveler should check the Big Apple off their bucket list, but East Coast outdoor enthusiasts should also add a few more stops t

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Seven State Parks Near Chicago For an Action-Packed Road Trip

Just outside the concrete jungle of Chicago lie impressive outdoor parks. Beyond the known urban parks, like Lincoln Park and Washington Park, the area surrounding Chicago offers true natural escapes for those looking to reset for a we

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Quick & Delicious: 3 Ways to Cook Fish Over A Campfire

Camping alongside a fish-filled river or lake provides you with the chance to catch your meal straight out of the water. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of catching your own dinner and cooking fresh fish on a well-built

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Early Spring Bass Fishing: Catching Bass Like a Pro Angler

If you're an angler, you know how many different variables affect your ability to catch a fish. Fishing is influenced by the time of day, season, location, and breed of fish. When is the best time to go bass fishing? How do you find a


Mongolia’s Dayan Lake is a Winter Wonderland for Nomads

As the pandemic continues to affect the world, I remain in Mongolia since its borders closed down in early March 2020. During m

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6 Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Fall 2020

If you ask me, summer's overrated. I live for that sweet spot between the first autumn frost and the last falling leaf when it feels like I have the world to myself—even if there are fewer daylight hours to explore it.

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An In-Depth Beginner Guide To Boating (Tips, Tricks, Clothing)

If you are a first-time boat owner, considering buying a boat, or even renting one for a weekend getaway or family vacation, you know that boating can be an incredibly fun and relaxing experience.