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Fly Fishing Essentials, Part 2: Fishing Flies, Tools and Gear

Fishing flies I wanted to collect fly patterns long before I even knew the difference between a streamer and a nymph. I couldn't leave a sporting goods store without a dozen of those plastic condiment cups full of colorful hand-tied flies. I'd read th

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Fly Fishing Essentials, Part 1: Rod, Reel, and Line

What's keeping you from wading into fly fishing? If you're like me, you might have been intimidated by the break-in cost and the misconception that it's overly technical. There's indeed a lot of jargon and a little math mix, but trust me: if I can juggle fly

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How the Right Trail Gear Affects Outdoor Experience

It's true what they say: Hiking and trail running are the easiest outdoor activities to break into because you don't have to shell out an entire month's paycheck to get started. But if you've worked Search and Rescue as I do, fine print runs through your head

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Shopping for Fishing Kayaks: The 7-Point Inspection

Not everyone can afford a bass boat to get to those hard-to-reach bass beds and holes, and float tubes don't cover enough water to hunt down Kokanee and lake trout. Over the past few years, kayak brands have been targeting the itch anglers have been trying to

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Four Seasons of Adventure in West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone, Montana, the small town near the western entrance to America's first national park, undergoes dramatic changes throughout the year. Summer season draws in large crowds looking to enjoy the beautiful weather in one of

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Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Spice Up Your Winter Months

It's that season when the weather forecasters report temperature digits below your shoe size, and it may take anything to stop being a couch potato. As the outside world transforms into a magical area covered in frosty ice and fluffy snow, it's only natural to

5 Great Winter Hiking Trails FI

5 Great Winter Hiking Trails for the 2019/2020 Season

There's a reason your boots are waterproof! Hiking season doesn't end when you put away the bug spray and bring your snowboard down from the attic. Some trails are best experienced in cooler winter temperatures, and others demand a visit each spring, summer, f

6 Ways to Salvage Your Summer FI

6 Ways to Salvage Your Summer, This Fall

Come on. You know you didn't get as much outdoor time as you'd have liked this past summer. Covering for coworkers' "more important" time off, sticking to tight budgets, avoiding crowds at the height of tourist season: all legitimate reasons to ditch annual ad