Lets Go Crawdaddin - An image of a crawdad.

Let's Go Crawdaddin'! How To Catch And Cook Crayfish

Mudbugs. Crawdads. Crayfish, crawfish, freshwater lobsters. Your name for these ten-legged crustaceans says a lot about where you grew up, at least according to this computer-generated 

Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures Featured Image

How to Introduce Your Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures

Smart? Check. Passionate? Check! Kind? Double check. A dog person? Triple check!!! Loves camping and hiking and climbing and trekking? (...chirping crickets...) Okay, look. If anyone is lucky enough to find the first four qualities in a potential partner

The 50 Best New Fishing Spots in America

The 50 Best New Fishing Spots in America

We found the hottest new rivers, lakes, and streams—one for every state—to catch big bass, trout, walleye, catfish, and more. Road trip, anyone? Everything in fishing changes. On the minutest level, that change

Wine and Adrenaline article, woman carrying grapes in wine country, dressed in KUHL clothing

The Ultimate Pairing: Wine and Adrenaline in West Coast's Wine Country

Put these two phrases together: Wine country and outdoor sports. Are you thinking about that time you sidled up to a Napa tasting bar only to be skunked out by a sunburned, sweaty guy clad shoulders to thighs in damp Spandex? Don't be that person. He

Chile New Patagonia Park Route FI

Chile's New Patagonian Route of Parks

If you follow the KÜHL blog with any regularity, you probably wolf down other outdoor news sites and podcasts too. You started to hear the hype around October of

Bear Featured Image - American bear in a forest.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part Two

Lowering the risk of bear vs. human conflict There's no fail-safe method for deterring bears, nor is there any guarantee that you will avoid conflict when you're in their environment. But most people who spend time in bear country will encounter a

Bearanoid Featured Image - Bear in a forest next to a water surface.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part One

If you've seen The Revenant, Backcountry, or even Annihilation, perhaps you developed a wee bit of bear paranoia. I personally think that these over-the-top movies elicit a healthier attitude towards bears than, say, Tim Treadwell's cuddly

Gearing Up the Flyfishing Greenhorn FI with KUHL mens fishing clothing.

Gearing Up the Flyfishing Greenhorn

Which would you rather do: Dump your wallet directly into a fast-moving river, or spend just enough of your hard-earned cash so that you can actually pull something out of the water? This post isn't a 2 AM pitch for a dodgy investment scheme. It's a w

KUHL's 2019 Buying Guide for Fishing Pants Featured Image

KÜHL's 2021 Buying Guide for Fishing Pants

Hey all, George here, your friendly fishing gear reviewer. With Spring around the corner, the good folks at KÜHL have given me the opportunity to survey the product landscape for the best pants