man in blue jacket riding yellow kayak on river

A Complete Guide to the Best Packrafting Locations in America

Packrafting is a sport that is literally blowing up right now! The unique ability to carry a pack that turns into a raft provides opportunities to explore new regions by way of a lake or river. There are so many amazing meandering rive

TetonRiver SUP

How to Float the Teton River

If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in Idaho's Teton Valley, consider yourself lucky. This quiet, picturesque valley is relatively unknown compared to its super-famous sister, Jackson, Wyoming. On the western side of the Teto

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Ten Beautiful Lakes in the U.S. with Pontoon Boat Rentals

There are some pretty special lakes around the United States, and one of the best ways to enjoy gorgeous scenery in the summer season is by getting out on the water! While some peopl

people riding orange kayak in whitewater

Top 15 Whitewater Rafting Trips to Put on Your Bucket List

We're naturally drawn to water. In nature, water can offer peaceful, awe-inspiring places of respite, as well as powerful, dynamic places to explore and conquer. There's no better way to explore this majestic and sometimes daunting for

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Beginner's Guide to Packrafting (Basics, Gear, Top Spots)

Have you ever wondered how your outdoor adventure would turn out to be if a hiking trail led you to a riverbank and you had a way to paddle downstream, carrying your gear with ease? Well, you're not alone! It's given that some hikers l

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Craving Adventure? Eight Things to Do in Moab this Summer

For most Utahns, the year wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Moab, a desert wonderland that excites any adventure lover. Whether you’re from the state or traveling through, Moab is a must-see destination in the spring and summe

man in KÜHL shorts paddleboarding on body of water

Paddle Boarding on West Coast: Top Five Spots for Summertime

As summer arrives, so does the inspiration to exercise outside and get on the water. Alongside surfing, waterskiing, kayaking, and other water sports, paddle boarding has become a popular activity as the weather warms up.

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Nature At Its Finest: Five Serene Campsites in Upstate New York

Beyond skyscrapers and suburbs, there’s much more to New York state than its iconic populous city. Every traveler should check the Big Apple off their bucket list, but East Coast outdoor enthusiasts should also add a few more stops t