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7 Bucket List Winter Adventures

Everyone has that one thing they want to try before they've seen the end of their last winter on Earth. For some of us, that list's longer than the chair line on two-for-one lift pass day. For others, it's "been there, done that... and let's do it aga


A Tour of America's Greatest Swamps

When you think of “wilderness,” what image pops into your brain? I’d wager a lot of you first thought of sn


Ohm for the Outdoors: 5 Essential Yoga Moves for Adventurous Types

Over the last few years, yoga has been stretching from its counter-culture, hippie-heavy reputation into new main

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The 5 Best Adventure and Ale Pairings in the Poconos

Dominated by wild rivers, wooded mountains, historic sites, and charming small towns, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains are a quick outd

6 Ways to Salvage Your Summer FI

6 Ways to Salvage Your Summer, This Fall

Come on. You know you didn't get as much outdoor time as you'd have liked this past summer. Covering for coworkers' "more important" time off, sticking to tight budgets, avoiding crowds at the height of tourist season: all legitimate reasons to ditch annual ad

Wilderness Encounters of the Turd Kind - National Parks and Poop

Wilderness Encounters of the Turd Kind

Our wild spaces can't take any more of our crap. During the 2018-19 Federal shutdown, severe staff reductions at our National Parks led to overflowing pit toilets and piles of human waste on the roadsides. When the parks reopened, the cleanup costs kneecapp

How to Survive Until Help Arrives - Hikers overlooking a lake in the distance, wearing KUHL clothing.

Lose the Trail? How to Survive Until Help Arrives

This past spring, I joined some friends to hike on California's Mount Tamalpais. At the trailhead, I caught some grief when I shouldered my da

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How to Introduce Your Indoorsy Partner to Outdoor Adventures

Smart? Check. Passionate? Check! Kind? Double check. A dog person? Triple check!!! Loves camping and hiking and climbing and trekking? (...chirping crickets...) Okay, look. If anyone is lucky enough to find the first four qualities in a potential partner

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An Outdoor Adventure Guide to the Scottish Highlands

Scotland is essentially divided into two regions: the Highlands and the Lowlands. The Lowlands make up the south and southeastern part of the country, and the Highlands comprise the north and northwestern portion. While the whole of the country begs to be expl