Wine and Adrenaline article, woman carrying grapes in wine country, dressed in KUHL clothing

The Ultimate Pairing: Wine and Adrenaline in West Coast's Wine Country

Put these two phrases together: Wine country and outdoor sports. Are you thinking about that time you sidled up to a Napa tasting bar only to be skunked out by a sunburned, sweaty guy clad shoulders to thighs in damp Spandex? Don't be that person. He

To Base Camp and Beyond FI

To Base Camp and Beyond: Our 2019 Picks for Travel Clothing and Accessories

Not everyone has the good fortune to live at the head of a world-class trail, or have a National Park within a half-day's drive. A few of us have to pork-barrel work or family trips in order to access new outdoor destinations. Whoever said "getting there is h

Chile New Patagonia Park Route FI

Chile's New Patagonian Route of Parks

If you follow the KÜHL blog with any regularity, you probably wolf down other outdoor news sites and podcasts too. You started to hear the hype around October of

Bear Featured Image - American bear in a forest.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part Two

Lowering the risk of bear vs. human conflict There's no fail-safe method for deterring bears, nor is there any guarantee that you will avoid conflict when you're in their environment. But most people who spend time in bear country will encounter a

Bearanoid Featured Image - Bear in a forest next to a water surface.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part One

If you've seen The Revenant, Backcountry, or even Annihilation, perhaps you developed a wee bit of bear paranoia. I personally think that these over-the-top movies elicit a healthier attitude towards bears than, say, Tim Treadwell's cuddly

Exploring The Unknown Kayak FI

Exploring The Unknown: Kayak

Obviously, all activities associated with the element of water have millions of fans all over the US. Feeling connected to nature, suspense and fun are some of the unforgettable feelings. Consequently, a kayak is the best way to make your dreams come true. Th

White Water Rafting FI

White Water Rafting: The Way of Paddling

Nowadays, people do not get enough exercise due to their busy daily routine. Most people prefer to do other activities if they have some free time like watching TV or videogaming. However, exercise provides ample benefits both for the body and mind. If you li

Scenic image of mountains and forests covered in snow, with blue to dark blue sky above.

Benefits of Cold Weather Outdoor Activities

There's nothing like it. The landscape looks like it's been painted white. The forest is silent, the boughs heavy with snow. Sometimes the only sound you can hear is the wind whistling through the trees. Call me a romantic, but there's something about the out

Brown wooden house surrounded by pine trees, kayaks and iced lake

Kayaking in Fall and Winter: Don't Get Frozen Out of the Fun

My wife and I are what you might call "digital nomads." A few years ago, after our son enlisted in the Navy, Anne and I decided to rent out our Traverse City home and hit the road in a 19-foot Fiberglas trailer insulated for cold weath