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Marathon runners running on city road

How to Train for a Marathon or Half Marathon

Training for a marathon is no joke. Running 26.2 miles consecutively, especially in a race format, takes a lot of physical endurance and mental fortitude. For many, this is an incredibly rewarding feat. Running not only does wonders fo

Cougar on Brown Rock

Are Mountain Lions Dangerous?

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are the largest wild cats in the United States. They’re dynamic, agile, powerful hunters that reside in a variety of habitats. Mountain lions are commonly found in areas uninhabited by humans, a

triathlon swimmers during competition

How to Train for Triathlon Swim

For many, competing in a triathlon is a lifelong goal. Motivation often comes from a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, push yourself beyond your limits, or simply prove that you are up to an intense, physical challenge. 

Group of triathletes cycling on street

How to Train for a Triathlon

Have you ever thought about participating in an event that pushes your limits and demonstrates what you’re truly capable of? The triathlon — a challenging, exciting, and addicting three-part race — will do exactly that! Competing

KodachromeBasin SandstoneBench

Discover Utah's Kodachrome Basin State Park

Utah is known for its Mighty 5 National Parks, but full campgrounds and busy trails make it difficult to explore the parks during peak season. Thankfully,

White Pocket Flats With Water

4WD Adventure at White Pocket, Arizona

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Northern ArizonaBureau of Land Management Gaining more and more popularity by the day, White Pocket’s awe-inspiring, windswept layers of orange, yel

Partners in Adventure KUHL and Wasatch Adaptive Sports 1

Partners in Adventure: KÜHL and Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Just like KÜHL®, Wasatch Adaptive Sports was born in the mountains. Founded in 1977, WAS started offering programs out of Snowbird Resort and over the yea


Resort Review: Snowshoe Mountain Resort, West Virginia

If you’re a skier in the south or mid-Atlantic, you may not have much experience with a true ski village atmosphere. Common in the western U.S. and in Europe, ski villages in resort towns often have a number of bars, restaurants, sho

SBornstein CopperMountain Views

Ski Report: Revisiting Copper Mountain

Olympic skiers and boarders competing in the Winter Games demonstrate impeccable skills as they sail down the slopes. Their pathway to becoming part of the U.S. Olympic team includes years of visiting specialized facilities that cater