Cougar on Brown Rock

Are Mountain Lions Dangerous?

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are the largest wild cats in the United States. They’re dynamic, agile, powerful hunters that reside in a variety of habitats. Mountain lions are commonly found in areas uninhabited by humans, a

winter survival shelter covered in snow

How to Build a Winter Survival Shelter

Learning to survive in nature with minimal gear is a serious endeavor and essential knowledge for any true wilder

man in KÜHL shorts holding fish on blue raft

Quick & Delicious: 3 Ways to Cook Fish Over A Campfire

Camping alongside a fish-filled river or lake provides you with the chance to catch your meal straight out of the water. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of catching your own dinner and cooking fresh fish on a well-built

First Aid Kit Checklist Featured Image - Man and woman in KUHL clothing hiking

First Aid Kit Checklist: List of Supplies And Content

There are many first aid kits on the market - small, large, pricey, affordable. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options, so it's a good idea to have a first aid kit checklist to make sure you have everything you need. After

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Bushwhacking is a Lifestyle

If you have ever been anywhere with me, from the grocery store to the crag, you know that navigation is not my greatest talent. In fact, I could probably get lost in an empty room. So when my partner Al told me he had a crazy idea for taking on

Knot by Will O unsplash

Modern Bushcraft in the Backcountry... Or Backyard

"Isn't bushcraft just a word for survivalism that doesn't make you sound like a nut?" asked my wife when I first suggested our daughters and I sign up for a weekend workshop. She had me there. Bushcraft is about being self-reliant in t

How to Survive Until Help Arrives - Hikers overlooking a lake in the distance, wearing KUHL clothing.

Lose the Trail? How to Survive Until Help Arrives

This past spring, I joined some friends to hike on California's Mount Tamalpais. At the trailhead, I caught some grief when I shouldered my da

Forest fire from the air

The Adventurer's Guide to Wildfire Season

With forests, shrubland, and grassland covering over half of the land area in the United States, it’s no wonder that we love getting out and exploring nature. But with these ecosystems comes the real danger of wildfires. A wildfire c

close-up photography of lit campfire

How To Build A Campfire: A Step-By-Step Guide

Building a fire is one of the most rewarding tasks somebody can do for themselves. Campfires provide warmth, light, protection, meal preparation, and a relaxing ambiance. Yet, in survival situations when a fire is needed, it can be inc