Two cabins covered in snow after a blizzard.

Wilderness Survival: Blizzard!

Where I live, half the population would trade hot summer days for year-round record snow. I'm not one of them; I can't paddle on a frozen lake, and while I'll fish the steelie runs and bass beds in early Spring, you can't get me near an ice fishing hut... and

juliana malta 745356 unsplash

Put Some Gray Matter in Your Backcountry Emergency Kit

There is a ton of information on wilderness emergency equipment: What you should have, why you'll certainly die without it, and how much you should expect to carry if you plan to return to civilization with a pulse. A newcomer to adventure sports mig

A man and a woman hiking with backpacks down a path in the forest. Flora surrounding them.

Safety in the Wild: Common Outdoor Injuries and How to Treat Them

The best cure for modern life is the great outdoors: the freedom, the sense of adventure, the exhilaration. There's nothing like it. Despite the beauty and tranquility of the great outdoors, it demands the greatest respect from hikers. And even the m