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Five Vibrant and Authentic National Parks near Seattle

Seattle is known for its iconic Space Needle, as the birthplace of Starbucks, and its moniker of "Emerald City.” With lush greenery within the city's borders and beyond, Seattle's parks offer an immense amount of diversity in scenery

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6 Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Fall 2020

If you ask me, summer's overrated. I live for that sweet spot between the first autumn frost and the last falling leaf when it feels like I have the world to myself—even if there are fewer daylight hours to explore it.

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Birdwatching And Why You'll Love It

Whether it's the 200 mph diving speed of the Peregrine Falcon or the carrying capacity of the Pallas Fish Eagle (that can lift up a 13 lb carp), we can all agree that birds are truly amazing. That's why so many people love to observe b

North American Wildlife Viewing Adventures - Featured Image

8 Once-in-a-Lifetime North American Wildlife Viewing Adventures

When we're rocking our favorite outdoor adventure sports, wildlife is a welcome bonus to our outing. For most non-hunting North Americans, "going to see (x animal)" is a phrase we reserve for a trip to the zoo, not the purpose of an expedition. But sometimes

Choose Your Adventure - A woman hiking in KUHL clothes on a green field, sunny day.

Choose Your Adventure: Get Involved as a Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Have you dreamed of being a wildlife biologist, but hate paperwork, data-crunching, and bureaucracy? Good news: you can experience the romanticized aspects of conservation work without years of graduate school and field training. Well, at least some of them.

On the Hunt for Antler Sheds - KUHL Clothing blog

On the Hunt for Antler Sheds

Have you ever experienced the thrill of finding a bone-white antler in the wild? My first find was about the size and shape of a church key can opener, probably from a yearling buck. I was over the moon, and I'm sure my seasoned hiking companions thought I was

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Wildlife Safety Guidelines: A Primer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Summer is prime time for hitting the trails and the waterways of America’s gorgeous backcountry. Which also means it’s prime time for running into the critters, large and small, for whom that backcountry is hom

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Have You Herd? Hiking With Pack Goats is a Thing

Is it a fair trade if your hiking partner carries all your stuff when all you have to do is set up camp and make dinner? What if he listens patiently, occasionally munching on carrot sticks, while you unload about work, car payments, and your political opin

Forrest Galante and kangaroos standing in a field.

Adventure: Extinct or Alive

Discover the extinct KÜHL Ambassador and wildlife biologist Forrest Galante uncovers evidence that animals declared extinct might still be alive in his hit show "Extinct or Alive." He travels around the world,