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21 RV Travel Apps for Safe & Fun Adventuring on the Road

Instead of white picket fences, many people are opting to travel across the country in their own RVs as they embrace a new variation of the American Dream. With the advancement of smartphones, traveling has never been easier. From navi

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RV Lake Camping in California: Six Best Spots For Splashing Around

When traveling in an RV, you’re always looking for those perfect scenic spots to call home for a period of time. Ideally, those spots include a gorgeous lake so you can enjoy your favorite activities on the water. Whether it’s

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Discovering True Freedom: Boondocking with an RV

If you’re looking for the ability to unwind and truly disconnect from the world, boondocking is one of the most adventurous ways to

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All You Need to Know about Traveling with Your Dog by Motorcycle

Both the excitement and pleasure of riding a motorcycle are unmatched, but leaving your dog at home when you're out for a trip leaves a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth. What if you didn't have to leave your furry friend behind as yo

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The Contemporary Ski Bum: An Adventure Nomad on the Road

I grew up hearing stories about my uncle's ski bum days, when he put off college for a few years to work menial jobs all summer, and in the winter, live out of his beat-up, mid-'80s Westfalia van. He'd spend Thanksgiving with our family in LA, and then head


What To Pack For An Overland Trip Across Namibia

I visited Namibia in June, in what is meant to be winter in the southern hemisphere. I traveled for 2 weeks on an overland trip during which I mostly camped and occasionally stayed in a hotel. I realized that packing correctly for an overland safari in Africa,

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What to Pack for an Overland Safari in Africa

The chance to experience an overland safari in Africa is a bucket list dream for many people, myself included. The mere idea of seeing elephants, lions, hippos, and more in their natural habitat had me shaking with excitement, so I decided to set off for a tri

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They Call Me Big Papua: Part I

Tommy Danger is the founder and CEO of the non-profit More Than Just Me. He is currently in the middle of a project called More Than Just Mountains to climb the Seven Summits