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12 of Our Favorite Outdoor Outreach Non Profits 4

12 of Our Favorite Outdoor Outreach Non-Profits

We all complain about long lift lines, or having to hike an extra mile or two to camp in solitude. There's always that one guy who just has to fish the same pool. But look at it this way: The more people who are genuinely engaged in the great outdo

Vendemmia Vines

Reaping the Harvest: Visiting Süd Tyrol in Fall

Vendemmia is Italian for harvest or, more specifically, grape harvest. Hearing that word, smells, sensations, visuals and memories vividly resurface. I might be partial, but there is no better time to visit the Alps than during the vendemmia between l


Where Wilderness Awaits: The 3 Biggest Roadless Areas in the Lower 48

The open road is a beautiful (and definingly American) thing, but there’s an awful lot to be said for getting t

20171109-Thanksgiving dinner2

How to Make A Backcountry Thanksgiving Feast

If you’re heading to the backcountry this Thanksgiving, you don’t have to forego a traditional holiday meal j


Demystifying the Aurora Borealis: Where and How to Find This Must-See Phenomenon

The Aurora Borealis is a mystical phenomenon that tops bucket lists around the world. Known in Roman myths as the “dawn of the north,” these stunning light displays have captivated people for centuries. Alth

Splitboarding UphillClimb

Split Personality: Discover the Solitude & Freedom of Splitboarding

I should have expected this, but immediately after getting into snowboarding, I started craving solitude, not quite knowing how to achieve it. Trail running is all about solitude, one of the qualities of the sport I cherish most. As a newbie learning to snowbo

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A Cave Diver’s Guide to Tackling Big Issues

If you have been following the news recently, the climate reports are not good. When a Category 5 Hurricane pummelled my friends in Abaco, Bahamas, I was chewing my fingernails. While watching the storm updates, I binged on nachos to make me feel better. Readi

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How to Travel 18,000 Miles With Your Dog

For two years, I worked toward a lofty life dream: to outfit a van and drive from California to Patagonia. By last winter, plans were finally coming to fruition. I quit my job, my boyfriend and I set a date to move