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close-up photography of lit campfire

How To Build A Campfire: A Step-By-Step Guide

Building a fire is one of the most rewarding tasks somebody can do for themselves. Campfires provide warmth, light, protection, meal preparation, and a relaxing ambiance. Yet, in survival situations when a fire is needed, it can be inc

Chile New Patagonia Park Route FI

Chile's New Patagonian Route of Parks

If you follow the KÜHL blog with any regularity, you probably wolf down other outdoor news sites and podcasts too. You started to hear the hype around October of

Eric SingleCell

5 Strategies to Sharpen Concentration and Perform Your Best as an Outdoor Athlete

Whether you’re glade skiing, rock climbing, or navigating a busy freeway, the ability to sharpen and maintain concentration is essential for effective risk management and peak performance. Concentration is a mental skill developed through disciplined prac

Gill Marin Ultra Challenge

Green is the New Black

I’m about a quarter mile from one of my favorite trail heads at Sugar Hollow reservoir, located 15 miles outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s a typical Saturday morning in May, cool temperatures, clear skies, and I’m filled with the normal anticipa

Two kids on a sled, winter day.

Snow Sledding: Why Let the Kids Have All the Fun?

Answer honestly: When you shop for kids' sleds at your local sporting goods store, are you purely motivated by the spirit of giving? Of course, you aren't. If you're anything like me, you're thinking, "Will I fit in that?" There's no shame in imagini

Fishing for sheefish on the Kotzebue sound during the winter.

What's Crackin'? A Beginners Guide to Ice Fishing

Sometimes you just want to stay inside in the cold of winter. Someplace cozy, in a comfortable chair next to a glowing red heater. A cup of cocoa warming your hands, and a good friend to keep you company. Maybe your dog is curled up, snoring, on fleecy dog bed

Gill Colorado TrailRunning

Why Does Nature Feel So Natural

James Russell Gill III (Gill) is a professional ultra-endurance runner and owner and CEO of Bad to the Bone Sports. Together, Gill and Francesca have turned passion into

Gill RydrPant

Is Working in the Mountains Really Work?

Many years ago, I was attending the 27th Annual Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships, an event dedicated to bringing together the very best in the sport of snowboarding. As I watched the field of world-class athletes, surprised that it was the 27th year f

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In Defense of the Waalweg

I must confess that I love the perfect trail. The kind of trail on the side of a mountain that opens your heart. The kind of trail that seems carved around the slope just for running. In German-speaking northern Italy they call them Waalweg. The li