From the Ground Up 3

The Outsiders: From The Ground Up

“Blake really emphasizes the importance of people leaving the restaurant feeling nourished by the food, and ultimately that starts with what’s in the soil.”


KÜHL Cycling Team Gives Back: Protectin' Little Noggins

As members of KÜHL's Cycling team, we strive to build positive cycling culture within our communities. We support local shops and clubs, and we promote active, healthy lifestyles on and off the bike. Earlier this year, several members

man and woman playing with dogs outdoors

6 Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Fall 2020

If you ask me, summer's overrated. I live for that sweet spot between the first autumn frost and the last falling leaf when it feels like I have the world to myself—even if there are fewer daylight hours to explore it.

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Monthly $150 Gift Card Giveaway

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KUHL uses responsible Sourcing and Production

KÜHL's Responsible Sourcing and Production

KÜHL has always believed in being grateful, remaining humble, and staying hungry. We’re an independent brand without stockholders or investors. We prize our independence because it gives us the freedom to make decisions based on qua

How To Help During a Pandemic KUHL Way

How To Help During a Pandemic

As an independent brand, KÜHL is always looking for ways to help small business, local artisans, and dedicated craftspeople. Now that we find ourselves in a global health crisis, there’s never been a better time to “think globally

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Spring Gift Card Giveaway

Enter your email for a chance to win the KÜ Spring $100 Gift Card Giveaway. We will select one winner daily starting on 03/01/2020 and ending on 03/31/2020. Contestants must have completed the email confirmation process to qualify. Winners will be noti