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Seven State Parks Near Chicago For an Action-Packed Road Trip

Just outside the concrete jungle of Chicago lie impressive outdoor parks. Beyond the known urban parks, like Lincoln Park and Washington Park, the area surrounding Chicago offers true natural escapes for those looking to reset for a we

VistaVerdeRanch Views

Reboot and Refresh at Colorado's Vista Verde Ranch

Like many outdoor enthusiasts, my husband and I spend the winter months participating in winter-themed activities at mountain resorts. Park City,

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Ecotourism: Four Handpicked Destinations for Safe & Sustainable Travel

If you're anything like us, you live for the thrill of exploration and authentic beauty only nature can provide. Now more than ever, it's important to take care of the planet we call home. Spending time outside safely and sustainably s

Double Arch, Arches National Park

Trip Report: Multi-generational Getaway to Moab, Utah

Passion for Outdoor Adventure Displaces Pandemic Apprehensions Like many avid adventure seekers, I counted the days until I would feel safe to travel and wondered wher

SBornstein HawaiianCoastline

Recalling a Romantic Hawaiian Getaway

Before worldwide travel restrictions were imposed, we traveled to a remote location along the Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Like so many other avid travelers, we look forward to the day when concerns about COVID-19 will

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Modern Bushcraft in the Backcountry... Or Backyard

"Isn't bushcraft just a word for survivalism that doesn't make you sound like a nut?" asked my wife when I first suggested our daughters and I sign up for a weekend workshop. She had me there. Bushcraft is about being self-reliant in t

SBornstein Snowmass Feature

Trip Report: Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort

Author's Note: Just a few weeks after our visit to Snowmass, Colorado ski resorts were forced to close to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Even though the reopening date for this ski resort, as well as other destinatio

GrandCounty Dogsledding

Winter Fun in Grand County, Colorado

When I think of winter, I immediately visualize downhill skiing . After becoming hooked as a teenager, I'm programmed to set aside time for this vigorous outdoor activity every year. Once the leaves start falling from the trees, I start thinking about my first