excavator setting up a trail to be built

The Art of the Build: Part II With Kyle Jameson

“As a trail builder, I am able to paint the trail behind me and leave no destructive remnants of what happened in the process. I try my hardest to leave no trace of ruin and contribute to the beautification of the area after I fi

working gloves on a biking trail map

The Art of The Build

An inside peek at the lifecycle of trail building featuring Emmy Andrews, Executive Director of Central Oregon Trail Alliance. All photos by Javan Ward,

man in KÜHL shirt and pants standing on top of the hill between trees

10 KÜHL Questions And 10 KÜHLER Answers | Greg Sakowicz, Hiker & Web Developer

We sat down with outdoor enthusiast and KÜHL lover Greg Sakowicz to talk about his journey from zero to more than 175 conquered trails in two years. Courageous, funny, and boldly si


Celebrating in Kauai, Hawaii

To celebrate our wedding anniversary and to embrace Ira’s quality of life in the wake of glioblastoma treatments, we flew to Kauai. Unlike many other brain cancer patients, Ira has yet to be adversely affected by either his treatment

boy aiming bow on target while girl with red hat watches

Archery for Kids: Build Skills & Confidence while Having Fun

Archery is a popular sport among people around the world. It’s considered one of the oldest forms of sport still practiced to this day. Archers gain skills of concentration, balanc

Family Friendly Hike in Genesee Park Bison Sanctuary

About five miles west of Golden, mountain-bound drivers leaving Denver on Interstate 70 often see bison grazing in adjacent pastures. This symbol of the American West captures the attention of both young and old. Far too many times dur

woman outdoor cooking in KÜHL clothing

Easy Camping Meal Ideas for Families: Five Ingredients or Less

Planning a week’s worth of food for an entire family can be overwhelming, especially for a camping trip. Without a kitchen, a camp stove is essential, especially if your campsite doesn’t have a fire grill. However, limited cooking


10 Tips for Summiting Your First Fourteener

Our family's fall trip to Colorado has become an annual pilgrimage. Each year, we map a new route to explore the best


KÜHL Cycling Team Gives Back: Protectin' Little Noggins

As members of KÜHL's Cycling team, we strive to build positive cycling culture within our communities. We support local shops and clubs, and we promote active, healthy lifestyles on and off the bike. Earlier this year, several members

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