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A man in a jacket holding a horse

How To Dress For Horseback Riding: The Basics

Horses have been in America since 1493! Back then, they called horseback riding "Equestrianism." It was merely a means of transport when sending messages and going to war. Today, we can enjoy horseback riding both professionally and ca

Golf Course News - KUHL Sponsored Golf Course Hole

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Golf Shorts

If you're looking for an excuse to spend more time outdoors, look no further than the green, visually stunning golf course landscape under the blue sky. Whether you're planning to go golfing for the first time or looking forward to mak

A man and a woman enjoying their winter hiking clothing

All You Need To Know About Winter Hiking Clothing

Picture the scenery: the morning sun above a snow-covered mountaintop, a puff of smoke rising from a log cabin hidden by distant snowy canopies, and the whispering wind lazily carries the white rain. The snow crumps with your

Dads Passion for Desert Hikes - Dad carrying a baby on a parking lot

A Dad's Passion for Desert Hikes in Big Bend National Park

We went to Big Bend so frequently that the trips all blur together in my memory. The multitudes of javelina -- small, blind pigs -- that were always running across the r


What to Wear: Packing List for Perito Moreno Glacier

When it comes to glaciers, Perito Moreno, in Argentina, is one of the most famous ones, not to mention one of the most easily accessible and interesting to visit. Located in Patagonia, near the small town of El Calafate, this is a stable glacier – one tha

Gearing Up the Flyfishing Greenhorn FI with KUHL mens fishing clothing.

Gearing Up the Flyfishing Greenhorn

Which would you rather do: Dump your wallet directly into a fast-moving river, or spend just enough of your hard-earned cash so that you can actually pull something out of the water? This post isn't a 2 AM pitch for a dodgy investment scheme. It's a w

KUHL's 2019 Buying Guide for Fishing Pants Featured Image

KÜHL's 2021 Buying Guide for Fishing Pants

Hey all, George here, your friendly fishing gear reviewer. With Spring around the corner, the good folks at KÜHL have given me the opportunity to survey the product landscape for the best pants

Tips for Spring Skiing FI - KUHL mens and womens skiing clothes

Squeeze the Season: Tips for Spring Skiing

I've got a dirty little secret: I'll take a laid-back day of spring skiing over post-storm fresh powder any day, hands-down. I know, sunshine can cause the snow to go through that slush/ice cycle, and the relative silence and solitude of a backcountry run i

KUHL Blog Image - Outdoor Activities, Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Mountaineering 735

Mountain Biking For Beginners - The KÜHL Way To Bike!

Remember that fantastic feeling when you received your very first bicycle as a child? Learning how to ride a two-wheeler was a rite of passage. When the training wheels came off, you were given the freedom to travel faster and farther