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A Guide To Outdoor Clothing FI

A Guide To Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor clothing is not only about warmth, cover and protection. The right apparel allows you to pursue your adventure goals. The pants, jackets, gloves and shirts you choose for outdoor activities often divulge more about your goals and lifestyle than your

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A Beginners Guide To Cycling

So you want to start cycling?That's understandable, cycling provides a great way to get around town, the best exercise you can get on two wheels and a chance to look awesome in our cycling pants or bicycle skorts. Looking for more reasons to start? Ho

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Tips for Winter Hiking with Dogs

As the weather turns cold and many choose to stay inside, we come alive. Winter is one of our favorite times of the year to hit the trails. They’re practically empty, and the scenes we know so well change completely when they’re coated in snow. It’s q

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What to Wear in the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana

Deciding what to wear on a trip to Guyana is easier said than done. This small country in South America has two seasons: the dry one (though it occasionally rains even during the dry season), and the rainy one. What doesn’t change throughout the year is t

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Seattle Fall Hiking Trails: A Walk To Remember

The Seattle area is known for high mountains and tall trees. It takes a lot of rain to grow the fir, red cedar, spruce, maples and other trees that make Western Washington green. The leaves on the maple and other deciduous trees turn e

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Stay Safe & Dry When Hiking in the Rain

If you've ever ventured out to the coastal redwoods of the Pacific Northwest or the stormy Atlantic coast of Maine, then you're probably acquainted with wet-weather hiking. It's soggy, drippy, and potentially uncomfortable.

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4 Clothing Essentials Needed for Desert Hiking

If you are following any outdoor blog, every now and then you can find and read stories with titles like - "Park visitors rescued after hiking unprepared," "Hiker rescued in the desert..."

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Safety and Comfort: A Selection of Quality Summer Hiking Clothes

How to dress for warm weather hiking Summer's almost here! If you're a hiker, you may have already found time to walk around t

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Staying Dry on Trail of Ten Falls with KÜHL Jetstream Jackets

The Pacific Northwest is home to one of the most beautiful waterfall day hikes in the country. From the very first waterfall, until the last, Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park does not let you down.