SBornstein TokyoTemple

Trip Report: Tour Tokyo in Comfort and Style

Packing for an international adventure requires planning. Space limitations and weight restrictions usually dictate what goes into the suitcase and what is left behind. I usually pull out more things than can possibly fit. For my November trip to Japan, I focu

A man and a woman enjoying their winter hiking clothing

All You Need To Know About Winter Hiking Clothing

Picture the scenery: the morning sun above a snow-covered mountaintop, a puff of smoke rising from a log cabin hidden by distant snowy canopies, and the whispering wind lazily carries the white rain. The snow crumps with your

Israel Weekendr Danielle

Adventure & Travel Ready Weekendr Tight

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love a pair of pants more than my beloved MØVA Skinny, KÜHL had to go and make the WE

How to find a product on you already own - Featured Image

KÜHL RN 108846: How To Find A KÜHL Style You Ordered

Where can I find KÜHL style numbers? Pants - The name of the style may also be printed on the inside of pants on the backside of the front left pocket

RECCO Featured Image

The all-new RECCO® collection!

KÜHL is proud to introduce the first summer apparel with integrated RECCO® rescue reflect

Dads Passion for Desert Hikes - Dad carrying a baby on a parking lot

A Dad's Passion for Desert Hikes in Big Bend National Park

We went to Big Bend so frequently that the trips all blur together in my memory. The multitudes of javelina -- small, blind pigs -- that were always running across the r

To Base Camp and Beyond FI

To Base Camp and Beyond: Our 2019 Picks for Travel Clothing and Accessories

Not everyone has the good fortune to live at the head of a world-class trail, or have a National Park within a half-day's drive. A few of us have to pork-barrel work or family trips in order to access new outdoor destinations. Whoever said "getting there is h


What to Wear: Packing List for Perito Moreno Glacier

When it comes to glaciers, Perito Moreno, in Argentina, is one of the most famous ones, not to mention one of the most easily accessible and interesting to visit. Located in Patagonia, near the small town of El Calafate, this is a stable glacier – one tha