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5 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat When Working Outdoors

Summer is here and we're all about getting outdoors and having fun! If you're a nature enthusiast who happens to like the warm season, you see every hot day as a new opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities - from hiking and road-trippi

A man and a woman enjoying their winter hiking clothing

All You Need To Know About Winter Hiking Clothing

Picture the scenery: the morning sun above a snow-covered mountaintop, a puff of smoke rising from a log cabin hidden by distant snowy canopies, and the whispering wind lazily carries the white rain. The snow crumps with your

Hot 2019 Camping Products by KUHL Clothing

Hot 2019 Camping Products for the KÜHL Crowd

The snow's melting here in Utah, and we at KÜHL's headquarters are daydreaming about treating ourselves to new camping gear and gadgets for the 2019 season. It's part of our job description to see what other outdoor adventure companies have been releasing ove

Tips for Spring Skiing FI - KUHL mens and womens skiing clothes

Squeeze the Season: Tips for Spring Skiing

I've got a dirty little secret: I'll take a laid-back day of spring skiing over post-storm fresh powder any day, hands-down. I know, sunshine can cause the snow to go through that slush/ice cycle, and the relative silence and solitude of a backcountry run i

How To Dress In Layers FI

How To Dress In Layers

When you head to the mountains for adventure, you never know exactly what the forecast will bring over the course of your trip. Even in a single day, the weather and temperatures can change dramatically. The best way to prepare for unexpected conditions, in

Care For Your Down Feather Jacket FI

Care For Your Down Feather Jacket

Whether you’re spending winter on the trails or in the city, down jackets are essential for battling the cold. From playing fetch with your pup to gearing up for an overnight camping trip, from commuting to work to hitting the town,

Sora Grace Lakes WA

Tips for Winter Hiking with Dogs

As the weather turns cold and many choose to stay inside, we come alive. Winter is one of our favorite times of the year to hit the trails. They’re practically empty, and the scenes we know so well change completely when they’re coated in snow. It’s q

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Seattle Fall Hiking Trails: A Walk To Remember

The Seattle area is known for high mountains and tall trees. It takes a lot of rain to grow the fir, red cedar, spruce, maples and other trees that make Western Washington green. The leaves on the maple and other deciduous trees turn e