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woman in KÜHL Dani Sherpa Trench

What Is A Sherpa Jacket? A Quick Introduction

To wrangle with the elements is what it means to be human. The weather creates obstacles for us by introducing cold, wet, dry, hot, and humid temperatures. One of the more difficult temperatures to deal with is the cold. Let’s face i

man in brown pants cutting wood with motor saw

Double Front Pants, Jeans, and Dungarees... What's The Difference?

Every hiker, camper, worker, and DIY enthusiast knows what the outdoors are an exciting universe of complete freedom. But as fun as that sounds, nature can give you a hard time if your outfit is not designed for the task (think combing

Golf Course News - KUHL Sponsored Golf Course Hole

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Golf Shorts

If you're looking for an excuse to spend more time outdoors, look no further than the green, visually stunning golf course landscape under the blue sky. Whether you're planning to go golfing for the first time or looking forward to mak

A Simple Guide to Mens Button Up Shirts Featured Image

A Simple Guide to Men's Button-Up Shirts

As an outdoor enthusiast, you're likely very familiar with unpredictable, confusing spring weather-- heat, then cold; snow, then rain; sunshine, then clouds. You might even thrive on it, finding yourself excited to begin preparing for

How to find a product on you already own - Featured Image

KÜHL RN 108846: How To Find A KÜHL Style You Ordered

Where can I find KÜHL style numbers? Pants - The name of the style may also be printed on the inside of pants on the backside of the front left pocket

RECCO Featured Image

The all-new RECCO® collection!

KÜHL is proud to introduce the first summer apparel with integrated RECCO® rescue reflect

All You Need To Know About Quick Dry Pants FI

All You Need To Know About Quick Dry Pants

One thing I’ve noticed is that veterans in the outdoor industry will sometimes underestimate the steep learning curve for those just starting out. What I consider to be “common sense” is only due to knowledge gained from experien

A Guide To Outdoor Clothing FI

A Guide To Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor clothing is not only about warmth, cover and protection. The right apparel allows you to pursue your adventure goals. The pants, jackets, gloves and shirts you choose for outdoor activities often divulge more about your goals and lifestyle than your