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Frozen Crater Lake

The Best Crater Lake Snowshoeing Trails

Oregon is chock-full of natural wonders that attract hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year. Surprisingly, the state hosts only one national park, but it's truly a sight to see.

Moab DelicateArch Snow

Discover the Magic of Moab in Winter

Moab - and its surrounding parks and protected lands - is magical anytime of year, but plan a trip in winter to enjoy this enchanting destination without the crowds. Two- and four-le

SierraLeone TokehBeach

4 Reasons to Visit Sierra Leone

Think of Africa, and chances are Sierra Leone won't be the first country to come to mind. In fact, it might be the last. The bloody civil war that raged between March 1991 and January 2002 and the Ebola epidemic certainly don’t contr

body of water with mountain peak in the back

Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in Glendo State Park, WY

For a spectacular adventure in Wyoming’s beautiful and expansive landscape, Glendo State Park is the place to go. Located

red rock formation under blue sky with white clouds

The Ultimate Guide To Colorado Springs Hiking Trails

Nothing refreshes the mind more than spending a few hours or days with your phone put down, watching sunlight filter through the trees as you breathe in the crisp mountain air. Birds chirping above you while you're enjoying every crunc

Sitka Tummy Warmer Baker Lake

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Montana's Bitterroot Valley

When my brother got married in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, I jumped on the opportunity to spend some time after the ceremony in the region to explore the trails. Located between the Idaho and Montana borders, the Bitterroots are par

Sunburst Ruby Beach

Dog-Friendly Spots on the Olympic Peninsula

I didn’t really know Washington’s famed Olympic Mountains until recently, despite having spent most of my life in the area. I’ve seen them on a daily basis for much of my life thanks to panoramic views throughout the Seattle regi

The Ultimate Guide to Adventures in the Gorgeous Glacier National Park Montana

Ultimate Adventure Guide to Gorgeous Glacier National Park, Montana

In one of the most breathtaking parts of America, glorious Glacier National Park located in Big Sky Country, Montana has been called the Jewel or Crown of the