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Sun is shining through the trees

Hiking the Four Rainforests of Olympic National Park

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) is an oasis for outdoor lovers who seek adventure. You could spend years of your life exploring the vast lands of these coastal states and still find a new “hidden gem” every day. Expect to encounter gra


Experience the Northern Lights in Alaska: An Insider’s Guide

It’s a cold, black night with a brisk wind tickling your face. The ground is delicately kissed by new snowfall. The moon is resting beyond the clouds. Then, suddenly, as your eyes adjust

Claudia Guyana Rainforest

What to Wear in the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana

Deciding what to wear on a trip to Guyana is easier said than done. This small country in South America has two seasons: the dry one (though it occasionally rains even during the dry season), and the rainy one. What doesn’t change throughout the year is t

HOrst Ceuse Jonathan

A European Climbing Vacation

A family friend is fond of calling us "Swiss family Hörst," given our Swiss/German heritage and our propensity to go on epic rock climbing trips each summer. Most summers we pack our Jeep and travel around the western United States to climb in amazing plac

GrandCoulee View

5 National Natural Landmarks in Washington State

Familiarity with National Parks and National Forests is pretty standard. These locations provide beautiful scenery, recreational opportunities, and public spots to create lasting memories. A less familiar national program, which showcases some of the nation

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7 Amazing Long Distance Hikes in the Apennines, Italy

Italy isn't often considered among the world’s greatest hiking destinations, yet the country offers many locations best explored on foot. The best known example is the Alps. Popular with hikers year round, this mountain range divides Italy from the rest o

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3 Short But Sweet Hikes in Trentino, Italy

The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, so unique that in 2009 they were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are located across Northeastern Italy and shared

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5 of Mallorca's Best Beaches for Hikers, Trail Runners and Outdoor Lovers

The Spanish island of Mallorca is known as one of Europe's favorite getaways for sun worshippers and serious cyclists. During our summer vacation, we didn't mind sharing the winding roads and country lanes with cyclists, but to escape the masses, we sought the

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5 Reasons Finland is Europe's Best Kept Secret for Hiking and Cycling

Finland is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets when it comes to hiking and cycling. Most international tourists visit in winter to hunt for the Northern Lights, or to enjoy winter activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling and reindeer safaris. In summer, t