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Intermediate Skier's Guide to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world for good reason. Its expert terrain is the stuff of legend, with Corbet’s Couloir, a soul-shaking double black drop chute at the resort’s summit, playing host to one o

Moab DelicateArch Snow

Discover the Magic of Moab in Winter

Moab - and its surrounding parks and protected lands - is magical anytime of year, but plan a trip in winter to enjoy this enchanting destination without the crowds. Two- and four-le

SierraLeone TokehBeach

4 Reasons to Visit Sierra Leone

Think of Africa, and chances are Sierra Leone won't be the first country to come to mind. In fact, it might be the last. The bloody civil war that raged between March 1991 and January 2002 and the Ebola epidemic certainly don’t contr

RedCanyon DixieNationalForest

Weekend Getaway to Kanab, Utah

With a long weekend stretching ahead of us, my family escaped an early snowstorm and headed south from Salt Lake City to play amongst Utah's endless red rocks and canyons. Needing

SBornstein Civana JewelCreekHike

Trip Report: Arizona’s Civana Wellness Resort & Spa

In mid-August, Ira and I flew to Phoenix for a wellness getaway at the award-winning Civana Wellness Resort & Spa. While some of our previous t


Second Time's a Charm: Climbing Malchin Peak in Mongolia

Malchin Peak is one of the most popular non-technical climbs in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in Western Mongolia. Standing at 13,287 feet, Malchin Peak is one of five peaks in the Altai mountain range that can be climbed. During


Celebrating in Kauai, Hawaii

To celebrate our wedding anniversary and to embrace Ira’s quality of life in the wake of glioblastoma treatments, we flew to Kauai. Unlike many other brain cancer patients, Ira has yet to be adversely affected by either his treatment

Trip Report: Spring Getaway on Captiva Island, Florida

Are you ready to travel to an out-of-state destination by plane? It’s a question that many avid travelers are asking as the COVID restrictions are being relaxed. I admit that I was a bit apprehensive about flying during the pandemic,

ParkCity Danielle Aspens

Intermediate Skier's Guide to Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah may the skiing version of the Holy Grail in the United States. Park City Mountain Resort extends more than 7,300 acres with close