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Trip Report: Tour Tokyo in Comfort and Style

Packing for an international adventure requires planning. Space limitations and weight restrictions usually dictate what goes into the suitcase and what is left behind. I usually pull out more things than can possibly fit. For my November trip to Japan, I focu

Natures Call What Drives Us to Explore FI

Nature's Call: What Drives Us to Explore?

The call of the wild. Most of us feel it at some point in our lives. The desire to leave the city and technology behind and go for a true adventure. But where does that drive come fr

Forest Therapy - Breathtaking Yosemite Valley, United States, shown in KUHL Clothing outdoor blog.

Can I Get a Ride to the Trailhead? I'm Late for My Therapy Appointment!

I've recently fallen in love with The Wild, a new podcast by wildlife researcher, conservationist, and educator Chris Morgan. His May 21 episode sat in my queue for a few days, though. I had a lot of stuff demanding my full attention: work deadlines,

Eric SingleCell

5 Strategies to Sharpen Concentration and Perform Your Best as an Outdoor Athlete

Whether you’re glade skiing, rock climbing, or navigating a busy freeway, the ability to sharpen and maintain concentration is essential for effective risk management and peak performance. Concentration is a mental skill developed through disciplined prac

Scenic image of mountains and forests covered in snow, with blue to dark blue sky above.

Benefits of Cold Weather Outdoor Activities

There's nothing like it. The landscape looks like it's been painted white. The forest is silent, the boughs heavy with snow. Sometimes the only sound you can hear is the wind whistling through the trees. Call me a romantic, but there's something about the out