Fishing in Colorado Springs: Top Spots for Summer Season

Adventure Fishing Listicles By Emily Leikam

Colorado Springs has made a name for itself as the hiking and fishing capital of Colorado. This is a beautiful, lush, and mountainous location with a great number of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. With all this water comes all manners of fish! You’ll find bass, catfish, trout, bluegill, saugeye, and plenty of other species just waiting to be caught. During the summer, many anglers travel to Colorado Springs for some of the best fishing spots around.

Below is a list of some of the best places to fish in Colorado Springs. Stop for a while, cast a line, and not only will you catch some serious fish, but you'll also get to enjoy some great scenic views.

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1. Prospect Lake

Prospect Lake is just 1.5 miles from Colorado Springs and a local favorite to sit back, relax and catch some fish. In this 58-acre lake, find a variety of fish such as crappies, saugeye, channel catfish, bluegill, and wipers. Rainbow trout, account for the majority of the angler recreation at Prospect Lake, and they are heavily stocked in spring and fall. This area provides a serene setting with a boat ramp and full amenities. There is limited boating allowed on this lake, so make sure to check in with the Colorado Springs Parks, Recreational, and Cultural Services Department before heading to Prospect Lake.

purple body of water at sunrise with mountain in background
Sunrise at Prospect Lake, one of the best fishing spots in Colorado Springs. Photo by Ethan Beute.

2.  Quail Lake

Quail Lake gives anglers some of the best access to warm-water lake fishing in Colorado Springs. The state wildlife division regularly stocks the lake with an assortment of different species. Rainbow trout are most common in early summer. You'll also find channel catfish, green sunfish, wiper, striped bass, trout, and bluegill. Quail Lake is a wonderful place for a great day on the water with a view of Cheyenne Mountain in the distance. The lake is also ideal for kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating.

3. Pikeview Reservoir

Found within the city limits of Colorado Springs off Garden of the Gods Road, Pikeview Reservoir covers eight acres. This area is popular for anglers looking for largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and saugeye. Only non-motorized watercraft are allowed on this reservoir, and you need a valid fishing license.

4. Willow Spring Ponds #1 & #2

The Willow Springs Ponds & Fishing Area provides a nice park setting with plenty of trees, picnic tables, and walking trails. This location is a wonderful place to calm your mind, relax and catch some fish. You’ll find rainbow trout, bluegill, and channel catfish within these ponds.

5. Duckwood Pond

Right next to Willow Springs Ponds you'll find Duckwood Pond in Fountain Creek Regional Park in the city of Fountain. This easy-access pond boasts plenty of fish, including largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, green sunfish, and rainbow trout. Fountain Creek Regional Park, 20 minutes outside of Colorado Springs, is a 460-acre park where you’ll have plenty of space to find your special fishing spot.

6. Schryver Park Pond

Schryver Park Pond is a pleasant fishing spot just outside Colorado Springs in the town of Manitou Springs. This pond is a small yet clean mineral water pond that is regularly stocked with trout, specifically rainbow trout. It's a great spot for beginners and families with young children.

red car in front of red brick buildings
The charming mountain town of Manitou, Colorado. Photo by Mike McBey.

7. Monument Lake

Located 30 minutes north of Colorado Springs in the city of Monument, Monument Lake provides easy-access shore fishing opportunities and a nice view of the Front Range foothills. Monument Lake is stocked full of rainbow trout in the summer. You'll also find channel catfish, perch, bluegill, and largemouth bass.

8. Spinney Mountain Reservoir

A little over an hour from town, Spinney Mountain Reservoir is an ideal place for angling and belly boating. This is a large reservoir where you’ll find Gold Medal trophy trout, salmon, and plenty of pike. The reservoir offers great shoreline and fly fishing opportunities. You’ll also have spectacular views of the Collegiate Mountain Range. 

9. Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir

Take a beautifully forested, scenic drive an hour southwest of Colorado Springs to reach the Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir. Situated close to Sugarloaf Mountain and Knights Peak, the reservoir holds rainbow and brook trout as well as splake. Only artificial lures and flies are permitted. From the parking area, be prepared to hike about a ½ mile to reach the reservoir.

10. Pikes Peak North & South Slope Recreation Areas

The Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area offers three large and scenic bodies of water for fishing. They are stocked with different varieties of trout, including rainbow, greenback cutthroat, and brook. 

body of water with trees and mountain peak in background
Pikes Peak from Crystal Creek Reservoir - one of the three reservoirs in the North Slope Recreation Area. Photo by Thomson20192.

The Pikes Peak South Slope Recreation Area is almost two hours from Colorado Springs, and requires a fishing permit, but this area offers some of the most scenic and best fishing conditions. Typically there are fewer crowds here, which means more opportunities for catching fish. The area’s two reservoirs offer mainly cutthroat trout. The South Slope Recreation Area sits at a higher elevation, so summer is the perfect time to visit. 

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Also, be sure to check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website for more information about fishing in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. On the website, purchase a Colorado Springs fishing license, download their fishing brochure, find fishing events, and learn about the state’s fishing laws, regulations, and limits.

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