Fishing in the Mediterranean FI

Fishing in the Mediterranean

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February 4, 2019

The issue as to whether there are top-best fishing destinations is quite a controversial one in the contemporary fishing world. It goes without saying that if you are an avid angler, the location does not play an important role. However, if you want to combine your favorite hobby with vacations, you should definitely take a closer look at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea!

Undoubtedly, fishing in the world’s most productive waters will bring you to the next fishing level. The Mediterranean is a piece of paradise on earth as it holds more than 500 species of fish. Greece, Spain and Italy are some of the top fishing destinations that will allow you to meet every fishing and holiday desires.

We cruised the Greek islands, visited the Italian Riviera and our final destination was Spain. We talked with the most experienced local fishermen and managed to gather some really good secrets.

If you are interested in exploring and fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, you should read our article. We will explain some basic things and show you effective fishing techniques and bait.

Fish Categories

Fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea are ample. Many people say that it is a huge natural aquarium and due to this fact will cannot mention all fish species. However, we will put them into some categories which will help you with the fishing technique selection.
These categories are the deciding factor in an angler’s choice of the method. Depending on the country of the Mediterranean basin region, the water structures are slightly different

Category 1

To begin with, this category encloses all fish that feed on mollusks, microorganisms and sea shells. These fish are not predatory fish and they usually live in shoals. Consequently, you should choose your bait according to their feeding behavior.

The most common species in Category one are: Flathead Grey Mullet, Solea, Gilthead Bream.

Category 2

All fish are interesting, but there is nothing better than «fighting» with the bloodthirsty predators of the Mediterranean. The second category contains all fish that feed on other fish and they usually live close to a seamount or reef.

Small fish like sardines and Mediterranean Sand Melts are some of the fish they basically feed on. The locals told us that if we spot some shoals of these fish, it is a good sign that there are some huge ones.

The Mediterranean Pike, the Amberjack or Common Dentex are fish species which you are going to fish for. It goes without saying that you will need durable equipment and clothing – fishing shorts, and fishing performance shirt.

Saltwater could not only damage your clothes but also your reels and rods.

Handy Mediterranean Fishing Methods

Despite the fact that we humans boast of being superior to all the other creatures we share our planet with, we should respect them. Overfishing is a great problem and many fish stocks disappeared. You can read the creational fishing regulations here.

Just to make things clear, there are inshore and offshore techniques. Fortunately, the boat rental rates are extremely low so you can rent a boat and just fish! If you ask the locals they will definitely tell you about some good spots.

Inshore Fishing

Casting: Undoubtedly, the casting technique is very simple. You will need a casting rod attached on a simple spinning reel and a live bait rig with two hooks. Moreover, you should tie on a 50-100gr sinker if you want to cast the bait.
Shrimps or crayfish are some good choices, but you can aslo use mollusk pieces or sea shells.

Spinning: Do you like adventure? Are you ready to fight with the big ones? Then, spinning is YOUR technique. The target fish are the fish in category two. A spinning rod and reel and a fishing lure are more than enough.
The only secrets here is the type of the lure. You should choose a lure that looks like a real fish. Local shops sell some artificial Mediterranean Sand Melts which are excellent.

Jerkbaits, crankbaits, spoons and topwaters lures seem to work with bigger fish.

Offshore Fishing: Boat Fishing

If you have never tried boat fishing before, you should definitely give it a try especially if you are going to visit the Mediterranean Sea. You can easily rent a boat (fully equipped) and ask the locals about the fishing spots.
Trolling and jigging are two fishing methods that will not let you down. If you are visiting this beautiful place for the first time, you may not find a good spot easily. However, there are some signs like birds or fish shoals that could lead you to a good spot.
It would be important to mention that a fishfinder is a big plus.

Why to go there?

Undoubtedly, the Mediterranean is widely known for its extraordinary scenery, friendly people, fabulous beaches and the unique Mediterranean cuisine-diet. Beautiful Andalucia, the lovely sunset in Santorini or the colorful italian Riviera will definitely surprize you.

Moreover, we would like to underline the fact that all Mediterranean Countries have unique national dishes. The people of the Mediterranean basin region prepare delicious dishes made of natural ingredients like vegetables, grains, beans and olive oil of course. A glass of fine red wine is always on the table!

The range of sights and colorful beaches is ample and you will definitely find the perfect place for you especially if you are an angler. There is no reason to wonder around and look for things to do, just ask the locals.
They will definitely open their heart to you and give you some good tips.

Rejuvenate Your Spirit

In conclusion it is true to say that we fishermen like challenges and exploring new places. Fishing in the Mediterranean is an experience that you will never forget. The mild climate, the iconic beaches and the various water structures will make you quit everything and visit this place.

Unfortunately, our life became really busy and everyone should have an opportunity to explore the world. Is it the sea?

The sun or the relaxing breeze? Overall, the key to enjoying your vacations is good mood.

Thank you fo reading!
Stavros Alexiou