Happy Holidays, KÜHL Mountain Style

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KÜHL would like to wish you a Holiday Season Full of Stoke!

We asked our ambassadors, bloggers, cycling team, employees, and other KÜHL Kids to share their favorite holiday traditions. No matter how you celebrate, we hope you get outside and enjoy the mountain culture!


How do you celebrate the holidays, KÜHL Mountain Style?


Jingle Cross!
Jesse Rients, Kuhl Masters CX Team


We start with a big breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs and pancakes. We hit the slopes for the day, work up an appetite and come home to Dry Ages Ribeyes (grilled over charcoal), King Crab legs, a few solid IPAs. Then, it's time for gift giving. It’s an awesome day!
George Osmun, KÜHL

Christmas is when we officially kick off our winter sports season. If the conditions agree, we'll go for an afternoon or evening snowshoe hike. We started the tradition with my husband and me each carrying a kid in a pack. Last year was the first year they had their own snowshoes and loved every single minute of it. They are definitely KÜHL Kids now!
Angela @ Happy Fit Mama


Our holiday traditions are simple: Be together, really together (no technology distractions!). Listen to one another. Celebrate the season and life itself. Look back on how much we lived in the past year and look forward to all the coming year has to offer. We are a traveling family and love to fill our days with skiing, snow shoeing, and being outdoors as much as possible through the amazing winters in the Northeast.
Allie @ VitaTrain4Life


Growing up, we usually spent the holidays on the mountains — either skiing on the icy slopes of Vermont or powder bowls of Lake Tahoe. There was no better way to spend time with family and celebrate. I’m trying to keep the tradition of spending time outdoors going with my kids — sledding on our favorite hill in Brooklyn or back to those same ski trails of my childhood.
Christine @ Love Life Surf


Celebrating the holidays have always been about playing in the snow. Hopefully lots and lots of snow!!!
Nick Oman, Outdoor Lifestyle Photography


We wanted to give our daughters the gift of experience (and escape the cold!) so we head to the Caribbean over the holiday break. There's something so right about celebrating Christmas Day in a bikini, umbrella drink in hand!
Nicole, KÜHL Blogger & Ambassador


December breezes by in a blur of shopping and parties and hustle and cheer – and it leaves us seriously craving some mountain time. Every year, after all the holiday buzz and blitz, we pack our backpacks and hit the mountains to reconnect, relax, shred those holiday calories and chase an adventure. Catching the first sunrise on a chilly summit is our favorite way to start to the New Year.
Atlanta Trails


We call ourselves "Team Hörst" - my wife, Lisa, and sons, Cameron and Jonathan, and me - and we're a family that plays together year-round in the outdoors. Rock climbing is our focus for most of the year; however, during the holidays we take a few weeks off from training and climbing, and we switch gears about become a skiing family for a few weeks!
Eric Hörst, Climber, Author, and Kuhl Ambassador


Christmas is spent with my wife Dr. Danger and my pup Boo. I also like to help the homeless in my area so I take food, coats, and love to individuals. I like to sit down with them personally and get to know them and ask them why they were in the position they are currently in. Everyone needs a friend that cares and I want to be that to them. On New Years, I will be in Ecuador working with orphans and donating my school supplies, toys, time and love.
Tommy Danger, Founder/CEO More Than Just Me Foundation

Tommy and Dr. Danger ROCK the awkward Christmas card!

I look forward to the days & weeks leading up to Christmas for the time that I take to shoot my Christmas card. I’ve been creating an image every year since I began my photography career in 1995. The card (sometimes a short film instead of a still image) has taken on a life of it’s own. It consumes me, but it provides valuable time for me to be creative without client direction. This image was created in a small fishing village in the West Fjords of Iceland.
Clark Vandergrift, Clark Vandergrift Photography

Happy Holidays 2016 from Clark Vandergrift and KUHL!
The perfect capture for Christmas

We wish you a happy, healthy holiday season full of family, friends, mountains, and adventure!

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