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KÜHL Bike Team Bio: Brian Tolbert

August 6, 2013

Name: Brian Tolbert
Age: 31
Location: Heber City Utah,
Favorite thing to do other than ride a bike: I love to ski, Fly Fish, Hunt, basically whatever I am into at the moment

Brian likes to fly fish as well as ride his bike

What’s your most memorable ride?
Anytime we get the team together it turns into a memorable ride, it will always ends in the dark no matter what time we start

If you could ride anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?
I think we have the best trails in the world here in Utah, but I am game to ride any place where you can pop sweet wheelies and shred with our team

Who inspires you?
My family, they do so many rad things I am always humbled by them

Worst habit?
Talking nonstop during races

What is one biker stereotype that you embody? That you stray far from?
I am a card carrying leg shaving gram counting semi slick tire riding XC Geek but I love riding chairlifts, dirt jumps and BMX tracks and I am not afraid to wear my skin suit at any of those places

Favorite gear innovation you have seen? Favorite piece of gear? Biggest peeve about gear?
I am sold on 29ers, My favorite piece of gear is Rocky Element 999 RSL, I have never had a more fun bike to ride. My biggest pet peeve is flat tires

What law(s) have you broken that resulted in a good story? What’s the story?
I spent a good chunk of my teens traveling to the races with KDAY and we would sneak into campgrounds, hotels, circus tents to sleep at night and most of those nights would end up with us getting woken up by security guards saying something about “trespassing”

Wheel size is a hot topic these days, what’s your biggest insight to it?
29ers, 650b, 26er all can be wheelied and that’s all that matters

What song makes you most stoked to ride?
Give said the little stream

Favorite food and drink post epic ride?
Mexican Coke from the bottle

If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play your role?
I would say The Rock just because we are so similarly built but most people on the team would probably say that Steve-O from jackass would actually be a better fit

Genie gives you three wishes and you have five minutes to decide all three. What are they?
More Wishes Duh

Best way to end a first date?
A firm handshake

Most visited website?

What would you do if it was the end of the world tomorrow?
Definitely finish watching Downton Abbey that Show is Crazy good

Would you rather fail or never try?

Do you have any pets? Do you ride with them?
I had a white sturgeon named Veronica but he was always falling out of my pocket when we rode

What the fastest speed you’ve ever gone on a bike?
3-times the speed of Light


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