KÜHL Bike Team Bio: Corey Larrabee

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Name, Age, where you are from? Corey Larabee from Draper Utah
Favorite things to do other than biking: Spending time with my wife and 5 kids, working in the yard, attempting to get caught up on the Honey do list.

Most memorable ride? Rode from my house in Draper over Corner Canyon Up AF Canyon to Pole Line Pass up to Catherine Pass and down Little Cottonwood Canyon, 1st 35 miles had 7000’ + of climbing

Who inspires you?
My wife and Kids, My Dad

Worst habit?
Eating too much

What is one biker stereotype that you embody?
Geeking out over times, weight.

That you stray far from?
Shaving my legs. C’mon I am a mountain biker. I have 5 kids and enough to maintain why would I shave my legs!

Favorite gear innovation you have seen?
Front fork. I remember when my friend got the new Rock Shox Quatra 21 and we spent the whole day riding his bike down any set of stairs we could find.

Favorite piece of gear?
VERAMARC SPORTS KÜHL KIT! By far the best fitting, best looking kit out there!

Biggest peeve about gear?
Ghost shifting gears.

Song that makes you most stoked to ride?
Bon Jovi radio on Pandora

Favorite food and drink post epic ride?
Greasy hamburger and fries

Genie gives you three wishes and you have five minutes to decide all three. What are they?
1. Paid off house, 2. Kids college taken care of 3. more wishes

Most visited website?
Chain love

What's hot?/ What's not?
Baggies/ Spandex but I still wear it

Would you rather fail or never try? FAIL

Do you have any pets? Do you ride with them?
2 lizards, sometimes!

Worst injury sustained from biking and how did you recover?
Tore the butt out of my only Kuhl bib shorts, I had a neighbor who is a seamstress sew them back together using other shorts just in time for Point to Point

What the fastest speed you've ever gone on a bike?
63. I came home from the ride and burst in the door and yelled to my wife and kids that I just went 63 on a bike. My wife got mad and told me to never do that again. Now I do it but don’t let her know.

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