KÜHL Bike Team Bio: Joe Brubaker

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February 24, 2016

Joe Brubaker is a California native. He currently resides in Salt Lake City and rides for the Kühl Masters Cx Team.


How did you get into cycling?
I got into cycling when I met my wife. Basically she said if I wanted to date her I needed to bike (we met skiing at Deer Valley). I was so slow even the dogs wouldn’t wait for me. I started on the MTB, tried some road racing for better fitness, and then found my real passion in cyclocross! I’ve now come full circle, returning to the Mountain Bike and enjoying the quiet beauty of the mountains, desert and red rock of the west.

What makes you a Kühl Kid? How do you live the mountain culture?
My love of the outdoors and all the things I do to be out there. From backcountry skiing, Fat bike, MTB, road bike, CX bike, gravel rides, skate skiing and hiking, all I’m ever want to do is “get out and have fun.” Living the mountain culture is using, enjoying, preserving and respecting the great outdoors. My wife and 3 dogs love to enjoy it with me too, along with friends and teammates!

What’s your most memorable adventure?
We had a 15 year old dog, named Coyote, who had always accompanied us on mountain bike rides. When he was no longer able to go under his own power, we purchased a dog trailer that could carry 100 lbs. I hooked the trailer to my mountain bike and took Coyote from Moab to Hurrah Pass and back. Every once in awhile our other dog would try to jump in too! It was a fun day. Coyote gave us so much; it was nice to give some back.

If you could adventure anywhere in the world for a week or two, where would you go?
I would love to ride the mountains of the Tour de France and the Giro de Italia.

Who inspires you?
My wife.

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
My Thompson dropper post on MTB and Fat bikes. Not just for the downhill but for remounting on a grade or soft snow. Makes it so much easier!

What’s your worst habit?
Forgetting that I’m retired and can always play while others can’t.


What’s the worst injury sustained from adventuring and how did you recover?
In 2015 I fractured my scapula and slightly separated both shoulders mountain biking. Used active recovery and was back on the bike 5 days later. I raced through the injury until I fractured my collar bone on a MTB. Seven screws and one plate later, I took 4 weeks off (trainer only) before cyclocross racing. What a year!

What’s the fastest speed you’ve ever gone under your own power, assisted by gravity?
Self-powered – 44 mph
Gravity – 56mph

What’s your favorite food and drink after an adventure?
Veggie burger, sweet potato fries and Epic Brewing Cross Fever beer.

What’s the best way to end a first date?
Seems like I’m still on it – never ending.

Do you have any pets? Do you take them on your adventures?
We have 3 dogs, and we always travel with them.


What law(s) have you broken that resulted in a good story? What’s the story?
In my book, laws are kinda like guidelines, meant to be flexible. I seem to flex them a lot!

What’s your favorite thing about Kühl?
The local connection, great designs, and love of the outdoors!

What’s your favorite piece of Kühl clothing? How do you use it?
So many, but on the bike gear starts with Kühl warm-up men’s pants and men’s winter jacket. They keep me warm and ready right to start time.

Off the bike, my favorites are the Spyfire Jacket and Interceptr Hoody. Both are great in the outdoors and nice enough for going out on the town.