, McConkey Movie Review

McConkey Movie Review

Mountain Culture®
November 2, 2013

By Ben White

Matchstick Productions has spent the past twenty years producing ski movies that have only gotten better with time. From 1992 until 2012, phenomenal action footage of some of the best athletes charged skiers up for the upcoming season. However, 2013 is different with the production of McConkey.

The film McConkey follows the life of Shane McConkey, who was born into skiing, lived skiing every day, and died skiing. Hailed as a revolutionary, a visionary, an unparalleled athlete and most of all a good person, it’s not a surprise that a 90 minute film was made in memory of him. What comes as a surprise is that this movie is not just a ski movie, it’s highly relatable and enjoyable for anybody, whether they have spent their whole life skiing or even if they have never seen snow. The Hollywood Reporter said that McConkey was “a daredevil subject who will quickly endear himself even to viewers who’ve never heard his name.”

There’s a reason that an entire documentary was made about Shane. There’s a reason that McConkey premiered at the Tribeca film festival and gained critical acclaim. There is no reason that you should miss this film. A listing of premiers is available under the “Tour” heading and the movie is available for download or DVD/ Blu-Ray here, under the “Buy Now” heading