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Defying Winter's Fury along Oregon’s Pacific Coast

Winter has arrived, and that means it’s time for men's tough outerwear that can handle the elements. Able to withstand rain and snow, as well as high wind gusts, the KÜHL Men’s ARKTIK Jacket has earned its spot as my favorite men's winter jacket.

KÜHL ARKTIK Jacket Product Review

Stacy and I took a trip to the Oregon coast for New Year's, giving me the perfect opportunity to test the jacket. The temperatures were in the 40s during the day and dipped below freezing in late evening. Walking along the shore, the wind gusts reached 30 mph. Wearing just a hoodie or t-shirt under the jacket, I felt like I’d stay perfectly warm for hours on end. The wind didn't cut through the material in the slightest.

A man standing at a shore on a winter day, wearing KUHL winter hiking jacket.
Brandon stays warm and dry in the ARKTIK Jacket on the Oregon Coast

I brought along a pair of gloves, which I kept in the buttoned front pockets. I kept alternating between taking photos/videos of the scenery with my phone and then placing my hands in the front, open ended pockets to warm up. Unfortunately, it was a bit too chilly to stay warm this way, so I eventually put on my gloves. I was happy to have plenty of room to store the gloves until I needed them. With seven pockets, rest assured there’s plenty of storage for gloves, hat, phone and more. The inner zippered pocket is the perfect place for a phone, and the two zippered chest pockets provide additional secure storage.

A man with sunglasses standing at a shore on a winter day, wearing KUHL winter hiking jacket.
Plentiful pockets, including open hand warmer pockets, provide multiple storage options.

Cord lock adjustments on the hood provide a perfect fit, and the interior lining throughout the jacket and hood is made of shearling fleece for a wonderfully soft and comfortable feel.

A man standing at a shore on a winter day, wearing KUHL winter hiking jacket with hood up.
The fleece-lined hood provides protection from the elements when you need it most.

The waxed body fabric, Italian faux leather micro suede trim, high gauge stitching, and crest patch create that distinctive and stylish KÜHL appearance that I love. The color of the buttons and zippers match well with the Olive color I chose. The winter jacket is also available in Koyote and Raven.

A man standing at a grassy shore on a winter day, wearing KUHL winter hiking jacket.
Faux leather micro suede trim creates a distinctive look and reinforces stress points.

The KÜHL Men’s ARKTIK Jacket is a wonderful men's winter jacket that kept me warm and comfortable no matter what the weather threw at me. With its stylish look, outstanding build quality, and wide range of storage options, it’s a jacket I’ll be recommending to friends and family. I look forward to wearing it throughout the rest of this season and many more to come.

The Arktik Jacket retails at $279; it's also available as down vest and down parka for extreme conditions that call for additional insulation.


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