KÜHL Renegade™ Krux Short Delivers Coverage and Mobility

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KÜHL RENEGADE™ Krux Short Product Review

On any given day, you can find me hanging from a rock, paragliding, speed flying, or skydiving. When using a harness, shorts that ride up my leg are not only uncomfortable but also leave my skin exposed to the sun and potential abrasion. I picked up the KÜHL RENEGADE™ KRUX SHORT in hopes of staying cool on a hot day while still covering my knees on more technical maneuvers.

Having ordering the Renegade Krux Short for a high profile video shoot, I was anxious to see how they would fit and function for me. Leading up to the shoot, my travel schedule was extremely tight, and I didn't have the opportunity to try them until the morning of our production. They fit perfectly and gave me the mobility and coverage I needed.

Little details like having my knees covered and being comfortable in a high stress and technical environment made all the difference in my ability to focus.

Mike Semanoff focuses on climb. Pictured in Renegade Krux Short, Bravado SS Shirt and Trucker Hat

Since the video shoot, I've enjoyed the Renegade Krux in multiple environments. They perfectly balance fabric weight, durability, and leg coverage. The pocket layout is streamlined, and you don’t even know notice them when you're not using them.

I do most of my work from my phone and having it readily accessible is key to my success. The phone pocket is the perfect shape for me to easily access my phone and feel confident it won’t come out when I’m on the side of a cliff.

Accessible cell phone pocket on Renegade Krux Short

Overall I would recommend the Renegade Krux to anyone who needs a little more protection on their legs while actively living the adventurous life. Retailing at $79, the KÜHL RENEGADE™ KRUX SHORT is an absolute must for any activity that requires a recreation or safety harness.

Mike Semanoff is a professional skydiver/paraglider, publicist, editor, veteran, husband and father of three. As a KÜHL ambassador, he shares his passion for adventure and living the mountain life.


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