Home to the world’s tallest tree, the mighty “General Sherman,” Sequoia National Park is a magical location in California. Located in the southernmost part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sequoia National Park invites visitors to experience amazing hiking trails that traverse through vibrant groves, glowing mountains, deep canyons, and much more. 

When visiting this incredible forest, stay alert for the unique wildlife in the area. Expect to see:

  • Black bears
  • Coyotes
  • Badgers
  • Beavers
  • Opossums
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Wolverines
  • Gray fox
  • Bobcat
  • Lesser goldfinch
  • Acorn woodpecker
  • California kingsnake
  • Yellow-legged frogs
  • More than 200 species of birds
Bear Climbing a Tree
Bear in Sequoia National Park. Photo by: SE Viera Photo.

Where to Stay in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park has so much to offer that it's worth staying a few nights to experience all the sights and sounds. While tent camping is an enjoyable option, cabin rentals provide that added touch of comfort while exploring the natural wonders of the park. 

Whether your looking for a lodge, riverside cabin, or accommodations inside the park, there are plenty of comfortable options. Three Rivers and Visalia are two local towns with plenty of accommodations for great stays, while Fresno and Bakersfield (about 1 to 2 hours away) are the largest cities nearby. Here’s a list of some cabins and lodges that offer a cozy setting in a gorgeous forest. 

1. Grant Grove Cabins

  • Starting price: $120 - $300 per night
  • Nearest trail: General Grant Tree Trail, 0.8 miles long
  • Water onsite? Yes
  • Highlight: Surrounded by giant Sequoias

Grant Grove Cabins offers a variety of quaint cabins, with excellent proximity to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. The cabins range from modern to rustic, with a few tent-style cabins. All come with basic amenities such as bathrooms, heating, and electricity. The best part about staying at these cabins is your location within the forest. You’ll be a short stay away from some of the most fascinating trails in California. Trail highlights include:

  • Seeing the General Grant Tree, the tallest and one of the oldest living trees on the planet. 
  • Hiking the North Grove Loop, a quick 1.5-mile hike that travels through gorgeous meadows and flowing creeks. 
  • Exploring Buena Vista Peak, an incredible, 360-degree view overlooking giant Sequoias. 

This area is quite popular, and for good reason, so book a reservation in advance.

2. Fivespot Cabin

  • Starting price: $175 - $245 per night (depends on season)
  • Nearest trail: Redwood Canyon Trailhead, 9.6 miles long
  • Water onsite? Yes
  • Highlight: Art, garden, and a sauna

Fivespot Cabin is a comfortable and colorful cabin in a gorgeous setting. This cabin is a short and easy 15-minute drive from Sequoia National Park, which is a great location for some privacy. There’s so much that this small cabin has to offer, including a flourishing garden, a small kitchen, gas bbq, vintage books, board games, a fireplace, walls filled with art, and an outdoor shower with a sauna! 

Fivespot is a great place to stay for a small family, a couples getaway, or a personal artist’s retreat to rejuvenate that creative flow. The hosts of this cabin are artists themselves, so it’s worth checking out their store for intricate nature-inspired prints

General Grant the nations Christmas tree
General Grant the nations Christmas tree. Photo by: Abigail Marie.

3. Merrynook Cabin

  • Starting price: $175 - $245 per night (depends on season)
  • Nearest trail: Redwood Canyon Trailhead, 9.6 miles long
  • Water onsite? Yes
  • Highlight: Built in the 1930s

Merrynook Cabin is the sister cabin of Fivespot. What was once a restaurant serving chicken to hungry loggers in the 1930s is now a stylish cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills. This cabin includes everything you’re looking for when on a relaxing vacation getaway. 

There are two full-sized bedrooms, one small bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a patio deck with a piano, a beautiful garden, laundry, and more. These cabins are found in the small community of Pinehurst, a short drive from some of the most sought-after areas to explore within the Sequoia National Forest. 

4. The Cabins at Buckeye Tree Lodge

  • Starting price: $200 - $300 per night
  • Nearest trail: Indian Head River Trailhead, 1.7 miles long
  • Water onsite? Yes
  • Highlight: Kaweah River

Less than a mile away from the entrance of Sequoia National Park is the well-established Buckeye Tree Lodge. Directly across the street from the main lodge is a series of beautiful cabins that contain a nice mix of modern amenities with rustic cabin life. These cabins are hidden in a dense forest with the flowing waters of Kaweah River a few steps outside your door. 

There are ten cabins to choose from, ranging from an intimate one-bedroom to a multi-bedroom cabin sleeping up to eight people. The area also includes a wellness studio where you’ll be able to participate in yoga, receive a relaxing massage and even join a meditation walk along the riverside. They have all the amenities one would need, along with incredible scenery and a prime location.

The beautiful scenery of the Marble Fork Kaweah River, which runs alongside Potwisha Campground
The beautiful scenery of the Kaweah River, Sequoia National Park. Photo by: Scenic Corner.

5.  Sequoia National Park Cabins

  • Starting price: $115 - $175 per night
  • Nearest trail: Salt Creek Falls, 4.8 miles long
  • Water onsite? No, bring your own
  • Highlight: Great location

The Sequoia Campground boasts 10 different cabins that offer everything a typical home would have, plus a prime location in a forest surrounded by ancient trees. Most of the cabins are rather small but can easily accommodate two to three people. You’ll have easy access to some of the best trail systems in the national park, which gives you an excellent opportunity to explore and be immersed in nature. 

6.  Sequoia River Cottage

  • Starting price: $250 - $350 per night
  • Nearest trail: Cobble Knoll Rec. Area, 2 miles long
  • Water onsite? Yes
  • Highlight: River access 

The Sequoia River Cottage is a quaint cottage getaway located directly on the banks of the Kaweah River. The cottage includes two bedrooms, a loft, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a full kitchen, Wi-Fi, and stunning mountain views. This vacation getaway is located in the town of Three Rivers, a beautiful town with plenty of places to find good food. The drive is only 17-minutes away from the entrance of the Sequoia National Forest and offers all the comfort and privacy you are looking for in a cozy cottage.

giant sequoias
The scale of the giant sequoias, Sequoia National Park. Photo by: fertatay.

Enjoy Your Visit 

There are many options when it comes to a cabin rental in the Sequoia National Forest, and these are some of the best. The Sequoias are truly something that should be added to everyone's bucket list. Enjoy your stay in this gorgeous section of California, where some of the tallest trees in the world are shadowed by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Featured image by: Maygutyak.

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Hiker in Sequoia national park
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