Ski Season Prep with Jared Goldberg

Adventure Skiing By Kühl Editor

What does a World Cup racer do for ski season prep?

Winter seems far away, but I’m already hard at work getting ready for the upcoming season. I spend a chunk of my summer skiing in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite to that of the northern hemisphere. For most of August I train in New Zealand then Chile in September.

As a ski racer, I can’t wait to go skiing for countless reasons, one of them being to finally get out of the gym. In the late spring we start training super hard all the way through to early August. During a typical week I’ll have a three and a half hour workout in the morning, either core or whole body circuit, followed by a two to three hour bike ride or hike in the afternoon. On the weekend I have a 3+ hour hike or bike. It’s demanding, and kicks you’re butt at first but turns you in to a machine by the end of 3 months.

In New Zealand our main focus is the technical events. I’m a four event skier, but right now I race mostly speed, so I predominately race downhill and super-g along with a few giant slaloms and combines. Also, training ‘tech’ is really important for speed skiers by allowing you to make more turns per run, to work on technique. I start the first summer training camp with about 5 pairs of boots, and 20+ pairs of skis. By the end of the summer after testing etc. those numbers go down as we save the best skis and I find the boots that I like the most.

In October we have another month gym training block that gets me fully ready to go for the season. We do a lot of quickness this month since a lot of the bulk and strength was built up over the summer months. Then it’s one more three week ski camp in Colorado before our first World Cup race in Lake Louise, Canada.

Well, what about somebody who doesn’t ski at a World Cup level? What can they do?

There are plenty of things a normal skier can do to get ready for the ski season. Start by doing a lot of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, road biking, hiking, trail running, and climbing etc. All of these sports use many of the same muscles that you use while skiing, and are fun to do. Anything you do that’s outside and active will directly contribute to your skiing through balance and core, and will allow your muscles to work together more efficiently. Something I’ve always done is switched up my outdoor activities regularly, to keep things fresh and exciting.

It’s important prepare for ski season so you feel better when you get back to snow and stay healthy. Core work is essential for skiing, as well as legs and balance work. Here are some of my go to workouts that can help get you strong using just body weight.
Work these into you’re workout and do them each three times circuit style.

1. Get in a pushup position with hands on a bosu ball that’s upside down, now lift one leg at a time focussing on staying in a neutral position. Alternating 10 each leg

2. Stand on a box just over knee high. Now step one leg down and lift yourself up with the leg on the box trying not to use momentum. Alternate 10 each side

3. Lie on you back holding a pole or bottom of a workout machine just behind your head. Now lift your feet up above your head so just your shoulders are on the ground. Now lower your feet slowly and don’t touch the ground until you count to five. 5 total

Increase how many reps or how many circuits you do as you get stronger, then enjoy waiting for your friends while they try to catch up this season!

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Kühl Editor