Still Climbing After 40 Years

June 15, 2018

Why am I still climbing passionately after more than 40 years in the sport?

It’s a pretty simple answer. In fact, if you watch this 3-minute video I believe you’ll get it!

If the video didn’t quite answer the questions of why I’m still a passionate climber at age 54, then let me try to explain in a few short sentences:

  • Climbing keeps me feeling and thinking like a young man…and living with a mindset of possibility rather than limitation.
  • Climbing engages mind and body completely, thus bringing me into the elusive “flow state” in which focus is pinpoint, time seemingly stops, and pleasure is pure.
  • Climbing is an activity I can do with my family, in amazing places, and around other passionate, positive, and motivated people.
  • Climbing reminds me of my mortality and gives me occasional insight into the spiritual realm.

The bottom line: For me, to climb is to be fully alive.