gratitude, Giving Thanks & Expressing Gratitude 2016
gratitude, Giving Thanks & Expressing Gratitude 2016

Giving Thanks & Expressing Gratitude 2016

Mountain Culture®
November 24, 2016

The entire KÜHL family would like to thank our loyal customers, friends, and family for sharing our passion to get outdoors and have fun. Today – and every day – we give thanks for the big and little things that make up the mountain culture we love.

Every year we ask our ambassadors to share the things that fill them with gratitude. We hope you’ll join us and reflect on the things you’re most thankful for.


I’m grateful that my kids are healthy and at an age where they look forward to adventures with dad and are eager to explore what the outdoors have to offer. Being able to step away from the typical influences of the world and into nature with my friends and family is a gift that I am forever thankful for.
Mike Semanoff


2016 has been an amazing year of exploration and memory making. We’re grateful for good health, friends, family and the opportunity for future adventure!
Stacy & Brandon, Pacific North Wanderers


Kenyon photographed his Dad in Glacier National Park, 1983

My Dad, very influential in my youth, taught me to love the outdoors and capture adventures through photography. Outdoor adventures and photography are a big part of my life so for that, I’m grateful to my Dad.
Kenyon Virchow


From traveling the world to achieving personal, academic and professional goals to sharing amazing and authentic moments with my son and wife, I have so much to be grateful and thankful for this year. While planning is already underway for a spectacular 2017, I’m still basking in the glory of 2016! Grab your friends, family and cohorts and share your moments and memories. Get stoked, get excited, and be thankful!
Zach Carbo


The Road to Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons National Park; Photo Credit: Ric Cederholm

I am thankful for family and friends who appreciate, value, respect, and preserve the beauty of the Great Outdoors. I feel especially blessed to share life experiences with my husband and daughter, and I’m thankful to Jennifer Sharp for teaching me how to embrace the present in order to enjoy the road of the future.
Jill Cederholm


This year, in particular, I’m grateful for our beautiful, awe-inspiring planet and all its natural beauty — and the adventures, laughs, joy and smiles it brings to my life. Not only is spending time in the great outdoors a change to connect with family and friends, it’s an opportunity for me to share my love of nature with my kids and to teach them to be stewards for the environment.
Christine Yu


I’m grateful for my husband. He may not love travel and adventure quite as much as I do, but he’s always excited to hear my stories when I get home. I’m so thankful that he is confident enough in himself and our marriage to let me live my own dreams and pursue our mutual goals at the same time.
Danielle Cemprola


I’m grateful for the opportunity to swim in the crystal waters of a cold lake.
Jill Heinerth


Francesca’s grandfather and father in the Alps, 1948

The long tradition of love and respect for the mountains is what I am most thankful for this season. The knowledge that, in the mountains, I can find a place of refuge, a place of solitude and a connection and love to the people in my life who are now long gone.
Francesca Conte


Seeing and experiencing our beautiful world through my daughters’ eyes fills me with deep gratitude and appreciation.
Nicole Goodman

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I’m thankful for the love of my family, that we are all healthy, and for every adventure life takes us on.
Angela Bekkala


I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for legs that let me walk and pedal through adventures in the mountains; I am grateful for arms that let me hug those I love; and I am grateful for eyes that let me see the stars, the sky, the sun, and puppies…I really like puppies!
Lara Fisher


I’m eternally grateful for my healthy, loving family. I’m forever thankful my husband and I have jobs that allow us to travel and explore the world, together as a family. I never take for granted the amount of time and number of experiences we share, and the fact that we get to do them all over the world is an incredible journey I never thought I would be on.
Allie Burdick


My wife Kelly and I are incredibly blessed to spend more than 200+ days a year exploring deep and remote wilderness areas for fine art landscape photography ops. In solitude, alone and without man-made distractions, we embrace the absolute beauty of our natural Earth in its purest sense. This is Heaven. We are thankful.
Gary Orona


I am thankful for each day. I cherish my 8 year old daughter’s contagious giggles and silliness; holding her hand and her little body hugs; how she runs and bikes without a care; how she plays so hard and creatively with her friends. I am so thankful for my husband’s smile; his heart full of generosity and kindness; the way he always puts others ahead of himself. I love the way he cares for and loves us.
Sara Kylander-Johnson


I am grateful for modern medicine and its ability to piece us back together after unfortunate setbacks. I am also thankful for the outpouring of support from the cycling community during these times because it helps speed the healing process and breaks up bleak times with rays of sunshine. I’m most grateful for my wife, Sara, because she’s able to appreciate getting out for a walk and feeling the wind on her cheeks, even though she has every right to be ornery and obstinate after being cooped up for over eight weeks (and counting). Finally, I’m thankful for living within walking distance the largest body of freshwater in the world because Nature’s beauty never gets old.
Scott Kylander-Johnson


Grateful for an epic journey, with many more horizons to wander over. On on!
John Librett


I’m giving thanks for the love of my life who is always on top of the podium in our crazy race called “life,” Pookie (Paul LaStayo), and our amazing eclectic mix of funky family and friends including the fur babies and grandbabies. And peanut butter.
Linda Lawless LaStayo

Thank you for being a part of the KÜHL family!

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