The Outsider by KÜHL is not just about being in the outdoors – it’s about innovators who embody and embrace fearless independence and rebellion, people who take risks chasing their creative dreams. We traveled the Outlaw Trail to capture the stories of visionary talents who surpass the ordinary to create the extraordinary. These artists and craftsmen and women are pioneers of innovation and rebels against the mundane. These are The Outsiders.

Stepping to the Horizon Stories from a Cooperative of Jordanian Women

Discover the California Coastline Animal Planet’s Forrest Galante Takes to the Open Road

The Warrior & The Artist

“I believe life shows you what you’re supposed to do pretty early on if you’re paying attention.” KÜHL took notes on our visit with Charly Mann, Owner of Mann Made Knives.

Heroes & Horses

“…there are holes in my soul,” said Svejcar. “For the past 10 years I’ve been trying to fill those holes with stuff – whether it be drinking or physical objects or activities – and what I found was that I don’t need to fill those holes with any thing. They’re a part of who I am.”


“Whether ranching, mining or farming: The American west required hard labor, self-reliance and clothing rugged enough to match. The clothing to match the frontier became an American icon – blue jeans.”

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